Start off your morning right with a new track from Slow Hollows! Listen to “Heart” now:

To me, Slow Hollows are one of, if not the most, underrated band of the last five years. Everything they’ve put out has been immaculately brilliant. If you’re not familiar with the band, their frontman Austin Feinstein has frequently worked with the likes of Tyler, The Creator, Frank Ocean and Steve Lacy. The band appear to be entering a self-confessed ‘mood era’ as this new track takes us down an emotionally charged, yet still feel-good path. If you’re a fan of artists such as Frank Ocean and Blood Orange, this one’s for you.


(image by Eduardo Luis)

The band surprise dropped a new track late last night, entitled “Heart“, accompanied by a mesmerisingly chilling music video that for the most part, sees Feinstein sat at a piano.  The new track comes as Slow Hollows‘ first release since 2016’s Romantic. “Heart” showcases an all-new Slow Hollows, in conjunction with several band member tweaks, the LA outfit  have put their guitars down and stripped things back to the basics of synths and piano, letting Feinstein’s voice shine more so than ever. The whole atmosphere of the track is much different to anything the band have ever done before, sounding almost upbeat yet still retaining that ethereal, emotional grit that has always been at the heart of Slow Hollows. Check out the song and video below: (expect the track to be on streaming platforms soon, it’s currently only on YouTube)

The band are yet to make any announcements regarding an album, or anything other of a similar sort but it can definitely be speculated that there is something on the horizon. “Heart” gives us a refreshing idea of  what Feinstein and co are capable of, it’s amazing to see so much evolvement from a  band that are still SO young. 2018 is to be an exciting year for the band, who appear to be reinventing themselves, in search of bigger and brighter things (and hopefully the year they finally get their asses to the UK). I really believe this year is the year Slow Hollows make it, and boy do they deserve it. The new single is an exciting direction for the band, and has left me really intrigued to see what’s next.

Words by Ben Davies

(featured image taken from the band’s Twitter page – @slowhollowsLA)

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