“Gengahr Release Yet Another Stunning New Track” – ‘Before Sunrise’ Reviewed

Gengahr have today shared a brand new track entitled ‘Before Sunrise’, the third single for their upcoming second record ‘Where Wildness Grows’.

A bouncy, and cheery track, ‘Before Sunrise’ compiles gorgeous guitar playing and harmonious beats which makes this track stand out in the band’s catalogue. It’s a summery affair with the bright riffs and the always lovely voice of lead singer Felix Bushe.

The track branches away from the other two tracks released. It’s unlike the fast paced and electrifying ‘Carrion’, (One of my favourite single releases of last year), ‘Mallory’ is summery, but has a more pop-like approach. With this track however, we see Gengahr taking the sounds of their debut and experimenting even further like they have done on the previously released tracks. With this said, ‘Where Wildness Grows’ is beginning to shape up as one of the finest releases of the year, and we really can’t wait to hear more from the band!

Gengahr are set to tour the uk in spring this year, ticket links and tour dates can be seen below. You can pre order their new record from their website here:

Featured image courtesy of Genghar (Twitter – @Gengahr), words by Piran Aston (Twitter- @PiranAston_)

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