Peach Club – Cherry Baby EP Review

We seem to finally be living in a music scene where women are starting to get more and more recognition for their talents. Don’t get me wrong the music industry is still heavily dominated but it seems to be finally accepting that ‘female fronted’ isn’t a genre. All female bands seem to be in ascendancy too with Hinds seemingly gearing up for a follow up to their debut album which saw them playing major festival slots and The Big Moon having not long ago being Mercury Prize nominated for debut ‘Love In The 4th Dimension’.

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Peach Club’s second EP is full of anger and menace, it’s songs ferociously talking about their frustrations with being a woman in a society that, although progressing, still hasn’t seemed to grasp the fact that women are actual people capable of doing whatever a man does. Lead single ‘Bad Bitch’ is a refreshingly honest and joyful take on the strength that most women have to create for themselves in this modern society. The fuzzy lead guitar from Charlie Hart provides the perfect bed for the vibrant drawl of vocalist Katie Revell. A reworking of bedtime favourite ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ is the perfect illustration of the patronising tone women often get spoken to and turning this sweet tune on its head shows how sure of their image this quartet are.

Shame and Slaves have shown in recent years that the passion behind vocal delivery is often more important than whether it is in tune or not and this something Peach Club use to their advantage. This is not a criticism of Revell or the other aforementioned artists in fact quite the opposite, to make this style of delivery is incredibly difficult but it fits into a Peach Club song with ease.

Opening track ‘Venus’ perhaps represents this riot-grrrl quartet best, with its White Stripes-esque simplicity and arrogant feel it truly shows off the fact that this band don’t care what your opinion of them is, they’re going to be whoever the fuck they want and they’re going to shove it down your throat.


Words – Alex Whitmore

Images – Poppy Marriott

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