Sad Boys Club Interview

We were recently lucky enough to get the chance to interview Sad Boys Club, an upcoming band hailing from Crouch End. Read our interview below and check out their record ‘Know’.

How did your debut track ‘Know’ come about?

Just as one of many symptoms of teenage angst, the song is quite self-aware in that respect which I think is why we now continue, as real-life adult men, to have a relationship with it.

Have you learnt anything through the creation of the track, if so, what?

I don’t think so, no. Not consciously, anyway.

You’ve received major support from a number of blogs so far along with tmrw magazine and nylon, how does it feel to get this recognition and to witness your band grow day by day?

It’s cool when anyone appreciates your work, especially as ‘Know’ is about failures to connect – the internet is a weird matrix, it’s quite difficult to get a sense of orientation about the value of that growth and recognition, I don’t necessarily trust it too much. That said, it’s great to have platforms we respect and engage with ourselves acknowledge and support what we’re doing. The individual responses count for a lot, too. But seeing people turn up to live shows is my real steez.

How if at all, have your live shows influenced your music?

We’ve only played one live show together, it’s not had much time to take much influence… but almost all of our writing centers around how things might work live, how different elements can dictate the atmosphere of a room. I’ll always steal ideas from moments of great live shows I’ve seen.

How did you become the Sad Boys Club? Do any of you have any past stories and/or experiences in the industry before reaching this stage?

We were all in various bands growing up, nothing noteworthy; the two Tom’s and I played together in bands throughout our teens – we met Jake playing on a similar live circuit in his band, and I met Pedro later on when he was engineering a separate project I was working on. Yes, we’ve all played the Barfly.

What can we expect from you in 2018?

You can expect extraordinary things, whether you’ll receive them remains to be seen. We have a new single out early in the new year, produced by our bassist Pedro C, it’s called ‘15/01’ and it’s a banger.

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