Paramore, Birmingham 14/01/18

A band to relive your childhood, enjoy the classics or even for the new fans an opportunity to experience the much loved band live. Bella experienced Paramore live in Birmingham. 

The night kicked off with support from mewithoutYOU. At first glance their music is little heavier than Paramore’s. The frontman Aaro Weiss revisited the stage to perform ‘No Friend’ with Paramore later on in the night. I would love to see them again at their own gig. A band fully suited for a rowdy crowd. The crowd then eagerly awaited with baited breath for Paramore themselves.

Oh My, did they arrive with a bang. Hayley William looked stunning as ever, radiating warmth and welcoming the arena’s crowd with open arms and a bright smile. The band opened with ‘Hard Times’ from their latest album which immediately animated the crowd and the whole arena sung along. The stage set up and production was marvellous, with a circular screen displaying various patterns and videos hanging above them.

As per usual, when ‘Misery Business’ rolled around two fans were chosen to come up on stage to help perform the song. This was an emotional moment and the two fans performed wonderfully on the big stage. The band took time to allow drummer Zac Farro to perform a song from his musical project HalfNoise. Since the gig I haven’t stopped listening to it. ‘French Class’ is upbeat and lively, and akin to ‘Hard Times’.

The band closed with ‘Rose-Colored Boy’ and the crowd loved relived their emo childhood and also for new fans it provided a fantastic finale to the show. Overall the gig was stellar and Hayley and the band put on an amazing show.

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