SPINN come out “After Dark” on their new single, and they’ve got an EP coming very soon!

The Liverpool shimmering, dream-pop outfit have shared a brand new track that’ll bring a flurry of sunshine to you, no matter how rainy a day it might be. The song, entitled “After Dark“, is the second effort from their forthcoming EP – produced by Chris McCory of Catholic Action, and set to hit the airwaves this March, courtesy of Modern Sky UK.


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The track sees the band take a step away from their other material, and into darker territory. Frontman, Jonny when talking about the song, said it was one he “struggled writing the lyrics to, because in comparison to a lot of our stuff its quite heavy and dark“, and went on to say he’s “not a heavy or dark kind of person really.”

After Dark” takes the listener on a heavenly, reverb-drenched rollercoaster ride that tells a tale of a friend’s relationship that’s fizzling out slowly.  The track is reminiscent of bands such as indie-dream pop counterparts Jaws and Trash from the get-go, with it’s energetic guitars bouncing all over the track like a frantic child on the beach, and if you close your eyes, you might just see that beach. The track is getting me hyped for summer in January, with it’s upbeat instrumentation, and refreshing vocal delivery.

Be sure to check out previously released “She Takes Her Time“, which is yet another toe-tapping, jam-packed with fun banger that leads SPINN’s forthcoming EP.

Liverpool’s jangle pop scene is one of the countries most vibrant right now, with fellow twinkle enthusiasts, The Night Cafe, shaking venues all across the UK alongside indie dreamboats, Blaenavon and Sundara Karma. There’s no doubt in my mind that SPINN are going to be the next big thing. Don’t give this one a miss.

Words by Ben Davies


We’re all after something to lift our spirits. Something that’s going to make us soar. And, as if on cue, SPINN are answering our prayers.”

There is nothing pretentious about their self described “jangly dream-pop”, which instantly brought a bit of sunshine on a rainy day.
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A shimmering slice of indie-pop that would bright up the gloomiest of days
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