DEAD! DEBUT ALBUM – The Golden Age Of Not Even Trying 

”THE BOYS THE BOYS THE BOYS” a title track mirroring DEAD! they are the boys.

This powerful piece sets a platform for the excitement anticipated of their album to sit on, could it be a debut of the year? I’m definitely cheering it on…

…”BOYS” lays them down with a coolness as the first song. When met with the fast paced rhythm of ENOUGH! ENOUGH! ENOUGH! it’s grabbed you deep into their heavier elements and directly, with the isolated vocals through the final line ‘I’ve had enough yeah’.

Having the small interval of speech is a slight refresh between the real depth to their sound of their songs which you can not help but get lost singing along to.

If you couldn’t tell, DEAD! are about making statements and the album title track was not chosen without thought.

THE GOLDEN AGE OF NOT EVEN TRYING sparkles incredibly as the album title track,  being the medium of the spectacular sound as a whole.

Baring in mind the concept of the album was written with the elements of story writing behind it. I feel the songs are still interesting enough in their musical features to interpret your own mind. In particular, there is a more relatively melodic tone coming from JESSICA; a beautiful sense of character being addressed.

Amazingly in the recording of the album at London’s Soho Studios, the songs were arranged with recorded examples from live shows. Which is epic. DEAD!’s gigs are something impeccable to experience as the radiation of restlessness is shaken into you through their intriguing bass lines. Particularly felt beneath OFF WHITE PAINT. {A personal favourite}.

At this stage, turn the album as loud as you can if you haven’t already. You can physically begin to feel the album in your chest, full of emotion, from the recognisable draining of guitar and the wandering of words into your mind.

As a previous fan of DEAD! you may be familiar with YOU’RE SO CHEAP!, a revival of one of their oldies. Still fresh and able to build a brilliant excite to the belting out of the question of the chorus,’well can you?’.

Almost half way through the album and their specialty as a band is subliminally strong. Having worked tirelessly for five years, to produce a body of work in representation of themselves, the album is definitely something they can be proud of. As well as highlighting that they’re a very personal, hands-on band in terms of everything from interaction with fans and handling their own clothing line of merchandise. Everything is in conjunction with their music.

This second half begins with a groovier vibe in guitar and cow bell sounds in PETROL & ANAESTHETIC. Effortlessly flowing into the intense uproar of UP FOR RANSOM, not for a second leaving out their liable lively side which encapsulates those elements of live performance.

Another slower start from W9, the intriguing instrumental and atmospheric lyrics; ”WARMNESS IN THE STREET LIGHT THAT SWEET AMBER GLOW…”. A tie to their awesome aesthetic and album art.

Throughout TGAONET there is a steady sustain of energy and the concept of the songwriting. A CONVERSATION IN CONCRETE deems to be solidifying that, quite literally.

 ANY PORT projects immediate introduction of vocals and is strong enough to impact your emotions, impressively from the tightness sounding of the band within the chorus.

A finale from YOUTH SCREAMS & FADES builds to be dark and delusional in radiating from the band a possible outcry in the lyric ”It’s been a long time coming”. In reference to the debut, truthfully so.

Hear. Listen. Feel. Be a part of the Golden Age.

2018 is DEAD!’S.




1. The Boys The Boys 2. Enough Enough Enough 3. The Golden Age Of Not Even Trying 4. Jessica 5. Off White Paint 6. You’re So Cheap 7. Petrol & Anaesthetic 8. Up For Ransom 9. W9 10. A Conversation With Concrete 11. Any Port 12. Youth Screams & Fades


From the exhilaration you feel of their album, you can express with them on their following headline tour: 

Featured image courtesy of the band’s Twitter.

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