Dose Share Debut Single ‘Furniture’

‘Furniture’ is Newcastle based band Dose’s debut track and comes after months of hard work and effort. Produced by MJ of Hookworms and recorded in Suburban House Studios the track comes from the experience of practicing in their squalid, decaying studio.

Written and recorded by Sean Turland and Ewan Barr, the full band consisting of bassist Matthew Collerton, drummer Joe Donkin and guitar, synth and sample pieces from Sam Campbell, present themselves very strongly on this record. The intro’s drum beat and guitar lines are continuous throughout the track, their ominous nature evoking a dark atmosphere. As the drum beat drops out and makes way for a small guitar solo, it’s nature is very precise and packaged cleanly which is not something you’d expect when you first consider noise rock. Other parts take centre stage at various points, blending and weaving yet the guitar line remains strong in the background, constantly following and repeating phrases.

The harsh, jarring guitar lines commence, develop and grow after the calming, subtle and mellow middle 8, this builds up the song once again and ramping up the aggression and atmosphere to a perfect dramatic, loud and bold climatic bringing a close to the track. The bands use of spoken word doubled over the distorted vocals creates another layer and adds another dynamic to the track on the whole. It’s an undeniably busy and hectic record yet the production is clean, fresh and precise, creating a unique sound in itself.

Dose have a bright future ahead of them and it’s clear through the release of ‘Furniture’ that they’re going to be an exciting band to look out for. With shows lined up on 2nd March for ‘Furniture’ release gig at the Cluny the 3rd of May supporting Pinkshinyultrablast in Newcastle, 2018 is certainly Dose’s year.

Images courtesy of band PR.

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