Let it Happen Singles of the Month – January 2018

2018 has begun with a bang with bands from across the globe announcing their returns with new music. In this brand new monthly segment, we will be sharing some of our favourite singles from the past month! So, let’s begin!

  • Unknown Mortal Orchestra – ‘American Guilt’ 

An absolute stormer to kick us off on our list, and the return of Unknown Mortal Orchestra has been met with wide spread applauds! ‘American Guilt’ is a heavy psych rock experience, with UMO branching away from their psychedelic funk sound and have plunged head first into a classic sounding, yet fresh mega track. It’s loud, gritty, and full of deep and electrifying guitars. This might just be one of the bands most exciting and ambitious tracks to date, and it could well be one of their best.

  • The Vaccines – ‘Nightclub’

The Vaccines are back! Their second single from the bands fourth record ‘Combat Sports’ and ‘Nighclub’ is bought to us in true Vaccines fashion. It’s a thumping and catchy indie hit. The guitar riff, blended with the hard hitting drums make this a heavy and exciting track. We could possibly see this track being spun by DJ’s in indie nightclubs across the country. It’s got the vibe, its got the spirit, and the catchy lyrics only add to the fun and enjoyment of this track. Its a great song, and one that we’ve all enjoyed from the band!

  • Daniel Avery – ‘Slow Fade’

Groundbreaking electronic music producer, Daniel Avery released a four track EP last month, and Slow Fade was the lead single to that EP. The track is a mixture of ambience and delicacy. Subtle sounds are spread across the track in melodic approach. Daniel Avery has hit the middle ground of chill out electro, and dance floor worthy sound with this EP. Yet the ambience of ‘Slow Fade’ his arguably some of his finest material to date.

  • MGMT – ‘Hand It Over’

The return of MGMT has so far, been brilliant. After previously releasing two tracks prior to ‘Hand It Over’, the album was looking set to be marvellous. But with the introduction with this beauty of a track, the hype of this album has just hit full momentum. By far the best out of the three, ‘Hand It Over’ compromises beautiful synths, melodic harmonies and superb production. It is a below approach from the duo which relaxes you, and when listening it can’t fail to make you smile. It’s feel good, its mellow, and just an all round outstanding track.

  • Soccer Mommy – ‘Your Dog’ and ‘Cool’

Okay so Soccer Mommy (If you haven’t heard) is possibly the best new artist to come about in recent months. Her slacker, laid back style of bedroom rock has caused a storm of praise. With her debut album just around the corner, Sophie Allison has released the first two singles from that album this month. Both of which, as equally brilliant as the other. The fresh and inviting sound that she conveys is mesmerisingly brilliant. This album is up their as one of our most anticipated of the year.

  • Preoccupations – ‘Espionage’ 

The noisy, dark and mysterious Preoccupations have turned to a more gothic style of post-punk in their glorious return. The post-punk outfit announced their return with an epic and gloomy track which slots neatly into their discography. Call and response, impactful lyrics, hard hitting bass and the fast rhythmic drums. It’s got everything you want from a Preoccupations song and more.

  • James Blake – ‘If The Car Beside You Moves Ahead’

This was a huge surprise. During his radio 1 show, James Blake played his brand new track for the first time. The melodic and soothing instramentals are met with chopped up and arpeggiated vocals, which in return meet the melodic approach, acting like another instrument to the layers of the track. It is a masterful style of vocals, with the [production on the track being as perfect as ever. This is one of James Blakes most daring tracks, and its paid of very well. Heres to hoping theirs another album on the way…

  • Launder – ‘Fade’

This is the debut single from LA based solo artist Launder (John Cudlip). The track is blissful and full of hazy dream pop sounds with a beautiful and easy listening guitar which flows through the song. The track features two artists that you may be familiar with, Zachery Cole- Smith of DIIV is on guitar, French singer songwriter SoKo lends her stunning vocals to the piece and Day Wave (Jackson Phillips) has produced the song. It’s easy to see that Cudlip is attracting a lot of attention with his sound, and with the help of these artists, we can see him going far.

So there we have it! a perfect start to 2018. There were a lot more artists that could have featured on this list, so instead we decided to create a Spotify playlist of these tracks, and more for your ears! The link can be found below, so please follow and stay up to date with our latest playlists, new music we love and more!

Featured image – Unknown Mortal Orchestra (Courtesy of Consequence of Sound)


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