The Brit Awards 2018- Who Will Win VS Who Should Win

I’m a big awards show fan. Always have been and always will and one of my favorite past times is to guess who will win and then get annoyed when they don’t. A vicious cycle in my life.

As the biggest music awards show in the UK approaches in the form of the Brits on the 21st, I’m going to attempt to predict and share my opinion on who is likely to win every category (Ed Sheeran) vs who should win (Loyle Carner).


SHOULD WIN – Dua Lipa – ‘New Rules’ – Dua blessed the world with one of the most colorful and visually pleasing videos of the year, flamingos and a strong girl gang in tow, it was a fitting piece to accompany one of the greatest pop singles of 2017.

WILL WIN – Ed Sheeran – ‘Shape Of You’ – Ed seems to be winning every award going and as his brand of ‘guitar and loop peddle’ doesn’t seem to be wearing off anytime soon, he will surely be in for a good night at the Brits as his band of fans have made Twitter awash with his custom hashtag vote.


SHOULD WIN – Sampha – Sampha stormed 2017. The release of his debut album ‘Process’, later earned him a Mercury award, sold out shows across the globe and collaborations with the likes of Solange and Frank Ocean. 2017 was easily Sampha’s breakthrough year.

WILL WIN – Dua Lipa – Dua Lipa found herself on everything from magazine covers to the Google Pixel 2 campaign, she’s a global star now and despite the speculation as to if she’s a ‘breakthrough’ due to her presence in 2016, she’s rightfully deserving of the award due to the sheer power, skill and effort she puts into every appearance. (she also wrote New Rules and Be The One if you need further convincing).


SHOULD WIN – LCD Soundsystem – Known for their iconic performances and stunning visual aesthetics, LCD’s comeback in 2017 was the gift that kept on giving.

WILL WIN – Foo Fighters – When your dad talks about ‘rock music’, he’s probably talking about Foo Fighters. ‘Concrete and Gold’ was a good album yet lacked a touch of quality their prior records hold for many. They just scream the type of band who’d win this award as the Brits have always been enthusiasts of them.


SHOULD WIN/ WILL WIN – Kendrick Lamar- DAMN. shook the world with its collaborations with Rihanna and U2 (!!) and Kendrick’s record was one of the highlights of the year. After two consecutive sold out shows at the O2, it’s obvious to see that the UK is a  big fan of Kung Fu Kenny.


SHOULD WIN – Lorde – Melodrama was undeniably one of the greatest albums of the year, its melodies, and heartbreaking lyrics draw you in and hold you there forever. This album is soul-warming and will never leave you, however, it wasn’t just her record that made Lorde the big talk of 2017. The bright, vivid lights and perfectly timed choreography allowed Lorde to give her live shows her all, she wore her heart on her sleeve every single night and cultivated energy and joy from those around her. Her ‘Pure Heroine’ may have made a noise but, ‘Melodrama’ made an uproar.

WILL WIN -Taylor Swift – Everyone’s pop princess failed to hit the mark this year, she managed to charge her fans unfair amounts for tickets at her shows, used the word ‘look what you made me do’ too many times and spoke about herself in the third person all in the same track. Reputation saw her ditch her ‘girl next door’ image and the big impact and firework image she intended to convey, ended up as more of a fizzle.


SHOULD WIN – Stormzy – ‘Gang Signs & Prayer’ – A standout album of last year, from the brooding melody of ‘Blinded By Your Grace’ to the harsh, dramatic grit of ‘Big For Your Boots’, this album encapsulates all of Stormzy’s genius and power, it leaves you wondering if there’s anything he can’t do !?

WILL WIN – Ed Sheeran – ‘÷’ – Despite its chart success and praise, this album fell flat bar a couple of tracks. It doesn’t compare to his prior albums and didn’t justify the 3-year wait for many fans, leaving even the most dedicated, disappointed. The UK music scene loves and adores Ed Sheeran however, and the adoration and praise for his somewhat lack lustre albums will more than likely continue.


SHOULD WIN – Little Mix – ‘Touch’ – Absolute banger.

WILL WIN – Rag’n’Bone Man – ‘Human’ – Somehow made it into the 2017 nominations yet it came out in 2016?


SHOULD WIN – Wolf Alice – Their graft and determination alone should be enough to get them an award on the night but their transfixing, mesmerising sophomore album created waves and developed the much-loved sound heard on the debut.

WILL WIN – London Grammar – Well deserving and rightful owners of the award, London Grammar’s return was breathtaking and beautiful, they became obviously stronger and grew more and more talented, ‘Truth Is A Beautiful Thing’ contained hits after hits of captivating tracks.


SHOULD WIN – Dua Lipa – Dua paved the way for new, fresh and inspiring music this year. Her album was an emotional journey, documenting all the highs and lows. She’s dominated the year and everywhere you turn, Dua influences and controls. Her vocals are brash and confident and her beliefs and attitude towards those who admire and adore her is heartwarming. Everything from her visuals to her merch to her live shows is transgressive and awe-inspiring.

WILL WIN – Paloma Faith – Paloma is very much loved by the Brit awards her presence across their social media hints that she may be one to win. ‘The Architect’ has been hailed as an album of social observation which is very usually admired by the Brits panel. She last won in 2015 so, many feel it is arguably overdue for her to win once again.


(Ed Sheeran will win everything, even the categories he isn’t nominated for xx)

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