‘Mr. Tillman’ is back! Hear Father John Misty’s new single here!

Well wasn’t this a surprise…. Father John Misty (aka Josh Tillman) has released a brand spanking new song named ‘Mr Tillman’ and its as brilliant as you might expect.

After playing the song live for the first time a few days ago in Tokyo, we can finally hear the polished version and all I can say is wow. The lyrics are as ridiculous as you might expect from a Father John Misty track. “Mr Tillman its good to see you again, theres a few outstanding chargers just before we check you in, you left your passport in a mini fridge”  seems to introduce us that Josh Tillman is checking into Father John Misty’s hotel? There is also a sneaky mention of fellow singer songwriter Jason Isbell hidden in the track.

It also seems to be another hallucinating experience with psychedelics that have given Papa John to write this track. “Im feeling good damn im feeling so fine, im living on a cloud” is a very clear snippet of his thoughts.

There have been a few updates on his next album, less than a year after the release of the incredible ‘Pure Comedy’, it seems Father John has taken a direct route into making comedic songs, trailing away from politics and global affairs and the romantic and raunchy, ‘I Love You, Honeybear’.

The official audio video (below) features Mr Tillman dancing in front of a green screen which displays stock images from hotels and bars. I must say its absolutely brilliant.

“Mr. Tillman” is a feel good, funny, and intelligent addition into the discography of one the best songwriters on the planet.

Listen to Mr. Tillman here:

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