Soccer Mommy unveils new single, ‘Still Clean’ from her upcoming debut album

If you haven’t heard about the insanely talented, and heartwarming sounds of Nashville singer-songwriter Sophie Allison then now is the time to take notice.

‘Still Clean’ is the third single from her debut album of the same name, and yet again she has delivered us with another touching track. “I guess I’m only what you wanted for a little while,”is repeated throughout the song, with underlying swirling chimes, that build and build. This last portion of the song sees a transformation. It first begins as a clean recording, at 3:13, the song descends into an almost demo styled sound, with muffled vocals, and a very rough sounding guitar. Yet this takes nothing away from the song.

It is a touching element, with Sophie possibly looking to show how she began, aiming to tell the audience of the age of the song, given that this section of the track is so poorly recorded. Yet the transition works.

In a press release, Sophie Allison states that “‘Still Clean’ discusses the hopelessness of waiting for someone who’s abandoned you. It uses this idea of being ‘clean’ to explain the feeling of being stuck waiting for someone, hoping that they haven’t moved on from you. When you are stuck in this place of waiting you kind of put your world — and your memory of them — on pause. But as the song shows, sometimes people keep moving while you’re standing still, and sometimes you’re the only one who’s left clean.”

Its touching, heartbreaking, and true from a songwriter who has caught the heart of myself, and many others.

Soccer Mommy’s debut album ‘Still Clean’ is released on March 2nd via Fat Possum records.



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