Beach House are back… Listen to new single ‘Lemon Glow’ here

Beach House are known for their elegant approach to sound. Lead singer Victoria Legrand’s stunning vocals are memorable and almost hypnotic.

Their dream pop style is unique. A blend of sweet synths and atmospheric instrumentals, Beach House have become complete pioneers within the dream pop and dream rock scene. And now, they are back.

New single ‘Lemon Glow’ sees the band return in typical fashion. Stunning vocals, merged with an elegant and melodic pulsating synth which glides through a very atmospheric and ambient track. Gorgeous harmonies alongside what sounds like a heavy guitar create a tense scene within the track. As well as the drums being pushed back within the mix, the synth takes control of the song, acting as the lead instrument as the drums are given a rest until the last portion of the track until they are let loose alongside a swelling, pulsating synth.

You can listen to ‘Lemon Glow’ below.

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