Top February releases – Frank Ocean – Turnstile – Rich Brian and more

After a massive start to 2018 with January seeing huge releases from Kali Uchis, Ratboy, Shame and Lil Skies all in the first 31 days of the year I thought February couldn’t get any better, in this list you’ll see brand new releases from Turnstile, Rich Brian and Frank Ocean along with a few other gems this month had to offer.

February 1st – Remo Drive – Breathe In & Perfume

After recieving huge success from their debut album Greatest Hits last year, it’s no doubt the Minnesota outfit kickstarted the year with a louder and more raw sounding Remo Drive in this release. Both tracks perfectly (and literally) scream emo, from the painful sounding vocals on Breathe In to the sobbing vocals in Perfume, with that said, the tracks are super refreshing to hear after a year of actively enjoying the same 10, it seems like the band are still finding their own unique sound, bringing in some subtle tweaks with this release especially.


February 1st – Suicideboys – FUCKALLYOU2k18

The New Orleans duo appear to be setting up to release a new album, possibly titled I don’t wanna die in New Orleans from looking at both of their Instagrams, this heavy track was released due to unfortunately being leaked early. The heavy beat and dark themes are nothing new for the two rappers, then again it’s never not in demand for these trendsetters, the choppy beat and sharp vocals are sure to keep your head rocking way past the 1 minute 58 second mark.


February 2nd – Rich Brian – Amen

The first week saw the largely anticipated release of 18 year old Brian Imanuel’s debut album titled “Amen”, it’s a heavy 14 track piece featuring popular artists Joji, Offset, NIKI and AUGUST 08, all of the features add some really unique flavours to the project, some match the atmosphere and themes of “Amen” while others bring in their own vibes, which is equally as refreshing.

While listening, you might find that the pacing of the album is a little all over the place, with some eerie, even lethargic beats sandwiched in between explosive tracks, you’ll quickly go from slow and lazy bars with run of the mill production to jaw dropping verses and beats that are arguably some of the best in the scene right now, it’s a weird one.


February 9th – Fieh – 25

While Fieh aren’t entirely new to the scene, with tracks on their Soundcloud dating back to 2014, they’re track 25 appears to be getting them to a level of recognition the band clearly deserve. The Norwegian duo elegantly express themselves through clear cut basslines and beautiful soul inspired vocals, with elements of left field R&B brightening up the mix.


February 16th – John Moods – Leap of Love

John Moods’ new single is heavenly; a mellow tone with a drowsy atmosphere that cuts deep within listeners, this track off the upcoming solo album (releasing in April)  perfectly captures the peripatetic feeling that the singer songwriter must’ve felt as he spent the last summer hiking through the Iberian coast whilst recording new songs each evening in new towns (with nothing more than a guitar and a phone version of garageband, before adding simple drum tracks and noise once he was back home). it’s on/off mix of indie, folk and blues creates a dreamy vibe that radiates with the “alone in the world, we find ourselves” philosophy that the artist has captured so beautifully.


February 14th – Frank Ocean – Moon River

Frank Ocean perfectly brings the 1961 iconic Breakfast at Tiffany’s song into a new light. Originally performed by Audrey Hepburn, and with that said, I have no doubt Frank must’ve felt just a tiny bit nervous recording this cover that’s executed so jaw droppingly angelic like. The echoing vocals, the slow paced chord progressions with the subtle bass lines, the sleep inducing atmosphere complemented by a charming melody at the end adds up to something that isn’t just a timeless classic revisited, but more like an experience. But then again, what else would you expect from the guy behind Blonde.


February 23rd – Remo Drive – Blue Ribbon

To celebrate the band signing to Epitaph Records (Weezer, Jamie T, The Garden) the band announced a brand new single along with the promised release of an EP titled Pop Music, out March 9th. Blue Ribbon is a pop oriented emo ballad, with the bands infamous drum breakdowns and soon to be iconic vocal style the track feels comforting in the sense that these styles won’t be dulled down and forgotten to make the band more appealing for a huge label and bigger audience.


February 23rd – Turnstile – Time & Space

“Young hardcore heroes” Turnstile viciously mash elements of grunge, psych, old school american punk and sci-fi esc production in their second album, from the tension building I Don’t Wanna be Blind to the spacey, reverb soaked Right to Be,  with a plethora of subtle details in between. The lounge style piano outro on Disco eerily begins to wraps up an easy contender for album of the year before Time + Space comes crashing down in true hardcore fashion, with explosive riffs and bleeding vocals melting the themes and elements of the album into 1 minute and 40 seconds.


8 stunning releases over 28 days, (although I’m sure I missed a lot),  March is looking up just as well, with releases from Soccer Mommy,  Remo Drive, Lil Yachty and more.

By Sam Harris

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