The Garden unleash punchy new single “Stallion” and it’s menacing music video. Listen below:

For a band oh-so prided on being the eclectic to end all eclectic, the Californian duo (Fletcher & Wyatt Shears) never fail to raise the bar – with each and every release being more and more experimental and exciting than those before it. “Stallion” comes as the second single to be released from The Garden’s upcoming LP ‘Mirror Might Steal Your Charm‘, which is set for release on March 30th, via Epitaph. The band are coming into 2018 kicking and screaming, with a worldwide tour on the cards and their new record out in a small number of weeks, this looks to be the year the band finally make the big time.


The band’s minimalistic bass and drum set-up, with the addition of frantic psychedelic synths and punk rhythmics, spliced with EDM beats, and garage aromas have made it rather difficult to pigeon hole the twins’ sound into one genre. It’s safe to say that’s exactly what the Orange County pair wanted, creating their very own, unique style which they define as ‘Vada Vada’.

Stallion” sees The Garden at potentially their most ferocious to date, with it’s eerie opening bass chords erupting into a fury of punk ecstasy, joined by the always hectic drum work from Fletcher. The track is quite the contrast from the band’s previous EP, (“U Want The Scoop?“) which showed a more upbeat and animated side of the band, as here we’re taken on a macabre adventure that is dark and twisted all the way through. The song is hard hitting and quirky from the get go, with it’s stabbing riffs and sadistic punk approach. It’s accompanying music video is equally demonic and reflectively colourful, as we see the twins (dressed as a businessman and the devil) running around chaotically, tormenting one another, and burning money, y’know the usual The Garden stuff…


The song is notably heavier and shorter than the majority of their previous efforts, hinting at a new direction and change of pace, perhaps. Although, the band aren’t strangers to pacey, intensive outbursts – tracks such as “Vexation” and “Call This Number Now” are equally bonkers. I can’t even begin to imagine how insane this track will be live. If you’re new to the band and like what you’re hearing, be sure to check those songs out.


The Garden hit the UK for several dates later this month, get tickets while you still can here.


19 Thekla, Bristol

20 Headrow House, Leeds

21 Electric Ballroom, London


Words by Ben Davies

(featured image courtesy of Urban Outfitters)

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