The Neighbourhood Feel Nervous

The Neighbourhood’s ‘Nervous’ is their latest installment from their highly anticipated, upcoming self-titled, third album. The single comes less than a month after ‘Void’, proving they aren’t ones to wait around and are eager for their followers to hear their new music as soon as possible.

The track begins simply with only a faint guitar line and sustained synth notes soundtracking Jesse’s warm-toned, unique vocals. It’s quickly built up with the use of drums, taking centre stage before the melancholy chorus begins. The track, however, shows little variation, following the same melody on the whole but sonically, the production is of such high quality it doesn’t at all feel in any way repetitive, a common theme throughout all their music it seems.

As of late, The Neighbourhood have found themselves being more vulnerable and lyricist Jesse, has exposed himself, stripped bare and becoming more open with fans. An admirable factor that drags you into their world as you feel their emotion and pain, you connect and empathise more with the band you adore.

With an image change, from monochrome to colour taking place for the band, possibly hinting at their newfound confidence and lease of life, The Neighbourhood are back and ready to dominate after 4 years off. ‘The Neighbourhood’ is set for release on the 9th of March and it’ll see the band expand their creative limits and bridge the gap formed from their last release in this new chapter and era.

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