Let It Happen Singles of the Month – February 2018

Another month into 2018 and yet again even more incredible new music…

Time to jump in then!

  • Parquet Courts – ‘Almost Had To Start a Fight / In and Out Of Patience’ 

A true Let It Happen favourite, Parquet Courts returned with a belter of a track in the form of ‘Almost Had To Start a Fight / In and Out Of Patience’. It’s punky, rough around the edges, bouncy and full of energy. It’s true Parquet Courts. Drenched in repetition at the benefit of the track, with repeated drum beats, guitar riffs and an ominous bass which is spluttered across the 3 minute 15 second track. Parquet Courts are at the top of their game with this release, and we cannot wait for their new record.

  • Father John Misty – ‘Mr. Tillman’ 

A quick and swift return after dropping arguably the best album of 2017, Father John Misty has ditched the politically charged reality of ‘Pure Comedy’, and taken a route into a comedic, melodic type of song writing. It’s a feel good addition into the discography of Father John, and appears to be another one of is trips after micro-dosing LSD.  “Im feeling good damn im feeling so fine, im living on a cloud” is a very clear snippet of his thoughts, or it could clearly represent a very happy Father John Misty. In the end, he is one of the best song writers around right now.

  • Husky Loops – ‘When I Come Home’

A band who just keep on giving, Husky Loops released yet even more new music in the shape of ‘When I Come Home’, an elegant melodic take on their style. Hip-hop influences, with lead singer Danio branching into a bit of a free style. It is a branch off from their heavy and energetic tracks, yet it works perfectly as the band show that they are willing to experiment with their sound. Husky Loops are destined for success in every right. With an exhilarating live set and a full range of rule breaking hits, Husky Loops will soon take over.

  • Dose – Furniture 

Channeling elements of Shoegaze, noise rock and the charm of New Yorkers DIIV, Newcastle band Dose are on the course for something big. Released in the early days of February, ‘Furniture’ is their debut single, and what a debut it is. The song has become a strong favourite with our writers, with drone like guitars mixed with the haunting lead vocal and prominent guitar riff, Dose have created an electrifying first impression that delivers almost instantly and signifies that the band are here to stay. We can’t wait to hear whats next.

  • Courtney Barnett – Nameless, Faceless 

Australian solo artist Courtney Barnett finally returned with brand new solo material after a year touring alongside fellow slacker Kurt Vile. ‘Nameless, Faceless’ contains the original charm of Barnetts vocals, yet her grungier side is revealed with intense and loud guitars fluttering through the track, especially during the chorus. “I wanna walk through the park in the dark, Men are scared that women will laugh at them, I wanna walk through the park in the dark, Women are scared that men will kill them”. Its dark and fitting. Courtney is back.

  • Launder – Annie Blue

Launder featured in last months round up, and here he is again breaking boundaries. He has become one of the blogs favourite new artists and his collaboration with Zachary Cole-Smith (DIIV), Soko, and Jackson Phillips (Day Wave) is sounding better and better each growing day. The new track from this project, ‘Annie Blue’ is as stunning as the last. At a higher tempo, this summery track is easily one of my personal favourite tracks of the year so far. ‘Annie Blue’ indices you to bop your head, sway your hips, and smile. It’s a feel good track which I truly adore.

  • Boy Azooga – Loner Boogie

An absolute belter now and its Cardiff’s Boy Azooga who have delivered a true rock n’roll smash hit. Having recently signed to indie record label Heavenly,Boy Azooga recently announced their debut record to everyone’s excitement here at the blog. ‘Loner Boogie’ is their second single and their quality shines so bright. Straight forward energy, powerful chords and a truly energetic performance which shines as one of the best indie-rock tunes of 2018 so far. Our on your headphones, crank up the volume and rock out.

  • Ten Tonnes – Lay It On Me

A blend of indie and rock n roll, 20 year old singer songwriter Ethan Bennett (aka Ten Tonnes) is about to break the chains and storm the indie rock scene. After a debut EP in 2017, and 2 singles, Ten Tonnes seems to be on a formidable rise. His latest offering ‘Lay It On Me’ is charming, exciting and progresses indie music to its next level. With a support tour with Tom Grennan on the horizon and previous shows supporting Stereophonics in sold out Arenas across the country, Ethan Bennett is about to really take off.

2018 is in full swing now and we’ve already had a true taster of whats to come. Check out a playlist featuring even more artists who have released more brilliant music over the past month below!


Words by Piran Aston (Twitter – @PiranAston_)

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