Nuclear Lullaby ‘Like a Bird’


Another Cardiff band we’ve liked for a while is Nuclear Lullaby. In 2017 we gave their debut an 8/10 and we still stick with that. The band have announced their second album ‘Upset Sunset’ due out sometime this year and have shared ‘Like a Bird’ which will feature on the album. They’ve also released the music video which you can view above.

Just shy off 4 minutes long, it’s clear to see the band haven’t lost their melodic grunge in ‘Like a Bird’. Their ‘DIY’ ethos shines throughout from recording the track in a bedroom.  The first 2 minutes is melodic and summery which is portrayed in the featured image. However the outro begins with a small breakdown which fades into a Rage Against The Machine style solo and the drums join in which brings out the grunge side of the band we saw on their debut album.

An issue for a lot of DIY bands is the production of the recording which in times does let the quality down.

However, ‘Like a Bird’ is a solid lead up track to the release of the second album. If this is what’s being offered then we will take it with a firm grip and appreciate and so should you.



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