Spector return with EP ‘Ex-Directory’

After announcing the release late last year, ‘Ex-Directory’ is an EP that champions on the familiarity of Spector’s clever lyricism with refreshing indie-synth.

‘Untitled D’, which was released in December, is the opening track to the current release. In true Spector style, its brilliance lies in simply summing up the daily confusion that faces young adults with social media influences with up-beat indie thrashes.

Second track ‘Fine Not Fine’ falls back into the known and loved Spector territory where lead McPherson battles with inner stability with a rebellious front. Similar could be said leading into ‘Local International’, and observational piece laced with politically charged references.

Ending the selection with ‘Wild Guess’, it appears to be the outcome of anger with psych melodies to the labels that tried to mould Spector previously.

This EP is a collection by Spector of glorious mix of guitar music that established them into the indie scene whilst tackling current issues facing the generation that adore them.

Listen here:

Featured image courtesy of band Twitter.


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