“Let It Happen Presents…”. We’ve branched into promotion! Read about the details and find out how you can get us to promote your show!

We have always thought about expansion and our devotion to music. We all see how the live sector is being affected with venue closures and young bands calling it quits way too early in their careers.

We have a simple aim. We want to help these new, young artists, ranging from music universities, bedroom artists, or anyone who has the confidence to play. We will work with you, help with promotion, and provide the relative press and experience that young artists need in order to succeed. We want to encourage more young artists to create a sudden movement, grow their confidence and give them the vital experience that’s necessary for their futures. Talent is in its abundance, and we want our global audience of thousands to see it.

Let It Happen aims to branch this plan out into major areas across the UK. We will begin in Manchester, and then branch out into Cardiff, aiming to help the rising talent within those areas.

So what can we offer?

Let It Happen is dedicated to help your act succeed. In order to do this we will:

  1. Provide the relative press for your band where we will carry out an extensive interview to introduce your act to our audience of thousands.
  2. Review your material and give the option to premiere your music on our platform.
  3. Offer press images. These photos will be taken by one of our photographers for your use. These images will be tied to the photographer, yet you will be able to freely use them in what ever way you like as long as the photographers work is credited. (Manchester only for now). Gig photos will also be provided for your show.
  4. If you have your own show lined up, we will offer promotion for that show. We are striving to promote young and exciting new talent and this is a new key element to our blog which will become a huge focus for us.
  5. We will also be creating and sharing our own formatted poster for each of our shows which will carry across a new theme for the blog. These posters will be created for your show and will be dispersed across Manchester.

We aim to create a fair style of promotion that benefits the artists primarily, giving them the viable skills and experience needed for the modern music industry. This will also link with our blog platform and provide you the necessary steps in order to succeed.

As we are all students, funding for these shows will be very difficult for us but we will try very hard in order to get your band the necessary dates and shows that are possible. With that said, we will be open for submissions starting Monday April 2nd for Manchester bands. During the next two weeks we will be announcing more details about what you can expect from this brand new venture we are undertaking. We will also be looking to book select venues in Manchester for dates in May and early June. Let It Happen will announce the dates and venues on our social media and in a blog post once they have been confirmed.

You can email our dedicated promotion contact letithappenpresents@gmail.com from April 2nd, where our head of promotions will answer any questions that are poised. All emails are read, and names will be collected, however we cannot reply to everyone but we will do our very best! Remember, submissions will be available for artists and bands currently based in Manchester only. We will update you on any information regarding our programme locations in the near future.

In the meantime, our first show will take place on April 16th at Jimmy’s in Manchester, featuring the debut headline show from Idle Hours! Support comes from Manchester etherial dream pop band Sequin Sally and Macclesfield quintet Samsara! We are thrilled to have these acts on our first ever show and we will be bringing you even more details on these acts in the very near future!

Stay tune for more details on this exciting new project. We really can’t wait to start working with the acts, and young talent.

Featured image courtesy of Lauren McDermott

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