TRASH, ‘Bored’ review – The final three songs from a brilliant young band

In an extremely surprising, and sad announcement, Chesterfield indie-pop dreamboats TRASH announced that after 4 years, the band would be coming to an end.

One of the best sounding new bands of the last few years, TRASH blended touching lyrics, stadium sized riffs and slacker indie-pop creating a hard hitting yet dreamy sound. This blend of sound made them appealing to fans of multiple genres, as well as their comedic brilliance and friendly attitude. TRASH were (and still are) the perfect band for any young indie lover looking for fresh and inviting dream-pop sounds.

Their latest, and sadly final offering, comes as a three track EP entitled ‘Bored’. The opening track ‘Bored’, is a summery affair with screeching riffs, bouncy beats yet a dark undertone within the lyrics “life is such a chore… I just want to be where ever you are”. Its an expertly crafted, youth engaging anthem that I can’t help but to just bang my head to.

‘All I’ve Got To Do Is Forget You’ is even more of the same. Dreamy stadium riffs soaked with reverb and touching vocals. Their dreamy stadium indie-rock is catchy and flutters perfectly and is clearly heard within this track. The addition of a high pitched synth during the break, and backing vocals that match the melody and rhythm, create a tense sense of build and an outstanding climax to a truly brilliant song.

The final offering on from TRASH comes in the form of ‘While You’re Mine’. “Save me, From myself” opens the track. The tempo can be related to that of The War On Drugs or Day Wave or even DMA’s, yet the freshness of TRASH’s take on the dreamy indie style isn’t comparative in my opinion. It is an emotional track that closes this perfect trio of songs.

They were never trash, but just simply brilliant.

R.I.P TRASH – 2014-2018.

Words by Piran Aston (Twitter – @piranaston_)

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