Birthday Card Bring Summery Pop With ‘Berlin’.

Hailing from Brighton, Birthday Card are here to make melancholy pop songs that will certifiably make you want to dance. Berlin is the third track from the five-piece and their unique fusion of 80’s new wave and current, 21st-century synth-pop is tightly compacted into the record and highlights them as ones to watch.

From the very first second, the intro is warm and fuzzy, undertones of sun-soaked guitars and pounding, bouncy drums build it up and to create a consistent, full tone. The instrumentation is not at all overwhelming and there’s a clear, undeniable equality and balance between the lead vocals and the melody. It’s a simple yet effective melody that radiates throughout.

Lyrics of “red lipstick embedded on cigarettes” and “love” are sickly sweet and bright, it’s clear to see that these boys know how to write an enjoyable, powerful pop song! Within the space of 3:49, you feel transported to a place where you’re an onlooker to the relationship, visualising every, small aspect, you feel you’ve been retold the complete narrative of their lives, it’s rare to find bands that can say so much in such a short space of time but, Birthday Card are one of them. As the instruments disappear for brief moments, the vocals are given their own time and place on the track, the modulated, booming voice shines and emphasises the sentimental lyrics.

Birthday Card have hit all the pop record targets with Berlin, a fun, happy, carefree track that screams nostalgia, what more could you want or need from a song for the upcoming summer season?

They’ve got a busy Spring ahead of them also as they headline their own shows and support Brit pop royalty, Sleeper on their upcoming, sold out UK tour!

All images courtesy of band’s social media.

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