Headclouds release sparkly third single “Never Will”

In the run up to their debut EP release, the newcastle based lads that brought us the summer soaked single ‘Flowers’ have graced us with their new single ‘Never Will’ and I can tell you now it’s bound to be nothing short of an essential for your warm weather playlists.

The song opens with a hypnotic and siren-esque guitar into, the band obviously have a talent for painting a picture with the sounds they’re producing. This really shows through the lyrics too, my favourite moment being the time to repeat the lyrics “I never loved you and I never will”. The song sports a blissful tone that can only make you think of summertime travels and good times however the lyrics seem to project a story of unrequited love, refreshingly from the side of the person who isn’t in love.

It’s the perfect song for blasting out your car speakers or even chilling alone. Headclouds have definitely proved that they are a versatile and talented band to definitely keep an eye out for in the future.

Never Will is released March 30th

Listen to previous single ‘Seen It Before’:



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