Sisteray + Support, live at Jimmy’s, Manchester – Gallery and Review

Sisteray returned to Manchester on Monday night (19/03/2018) and in some fashion. With a stellar lineup of acts such as fellow Londoners Lighthouse, solo Mancunian Ash Palmer, and Let It Happen’s first ever promotion headliners Idle Hours, who kicked off proceedings in a varied night of performances.

With Sisteray unintentionally arriving late due to a breakdown, Idle Hours took to the stage ten minutes later that organised. Yet that did not dwell upon the band as they soared straight into set with a thunderous baseline for their song ‘Happiest Place On Earth’. Idle Hours previewed a stellar range of songs, playing older material and debuting new tracks.


Songs such as melodic ‘Carsick’ and the passionate and mindful lyrics of ‘Powder White’ both gained huge ovvations and applause from the crowd in what was a great night for our headliners. The brilliance of guitarist Tom Ashton with his stunning playing ability added a unique touch to their set with bending riffs and powerful solo’s which brought a unique touch to their dream-pop sounds. Their unique style is starting to catch the eyes of various people in Manchester and we can’t wait to have this band return to Jimmy’s as headliners next month.


Following a while out of the game, solo musician Ash Palmer delivered his version of the Manchester Brit-pop style. His solo style based off the likes of Kelly Jones from Stereophonics, Oasis and The Stone Roses, Ash Palmer provided a much calmer and straight to the point set. Playing a mixture of covers such as James ‘Laid’ and his own material from his debut EP ‘A Million MPH’, Ash was able to deliver a brit-pop experience  that possessed charm, character and passion. His eccentric and devoted performance brought a sense of true mancunian spirit, which delighted the crowds.

Next up we have London indie newcomers Lighthouse who lit up the stage with their bright and colourful tunes. A band who have real potential in my eyes, Lighthouse delivered a quality performance which harnessed energy, passion and rhythmic brilliance. Crunchy guitars, skilful guitar playing and a crowd which was fully attached o their set. Their material was loud, vibrant and energetic and the band have surly left a mark on Jimmy’s after the journey up from the south.

The youthful approach, confident stage presence and devotion with sound made Lighthouse a perfect example of the incredible new talent coming out across the British Isles. Watch out for these guys in years to come.


Now for headliners Sisteray. The band have been attracting a lot of attention in London, and even in Manchester. The “in your face punk” act delivered a riotous performance of thrashing guitars, in-your-face attitude and southern punk charm. Songs such as ‘White-Knuckle Joyride’ enticed excitement and energy, with members Lighthouse trying to stir up the crowd. Their moody attitude and deep punk riffs mixed with their warm style captivated the crowd with smiles interest.


Other tracks such as “Queen’s English”, and ‘Who R Ya?’ were filled with passion, and exciting moments with the band using what energy they had left to deliver their performance. Seminal Sisteray anthem ‘A Wise Man Said’ captured their true style and potential with harmonies, fast paced musicianship and the expertly crafted lyrics. Deserved praise from the likes of The Libertines Pete and Carl, and you have a band who are on the rise, yet ever so slowly. Their time will come.

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