Embrace ‘Love Is A Basic Need’ Album Review

Remember Embrace? They are back. After a hiatus, the band have returned with seventh studio album ‘Love Is A Basic Need’. Produced by Richard McNamara in Magnetic North Studio, the LP is solely their vision that resembles their earliest material.

The album as a whole strictly sticks to euphoric ballads that doesn’t veer into any other directions. Thematically, this album solidly delivers in relatable lyricism and narratives of both love and loss. It champions on being a captivating listen to those suffering with a broken heart and looking for comfort.

A stand out track is ‘Never’, which contains a duet with Kerri Watt with haunting tones. However, in the case of ‘Wake Up Call’ and ‘Where You Sleeping’ the predictable progression makes the listen so close to something anthemic but doesn’t quite make the pass.

With this being said, its undeniable that this album is instinctive, tender and emotive.  Although it can be agreed that love is a basic need, it appears on this album there is a basic need for variety.

This album is perfect as an easy listen for a romantic who wants an hour to dwell on their deepest feelings, but it wouldn’t be the top on the list as one of the greatest comebacks from a noughties indie staple.

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