Fuzzy Sun EP Review: ‘Want Love’

Fuzzy Sun’s debut EP ‘Want Love’ is the introductory release from fellow Stockport natives Blossoms’ newly created independent record label Very Clever Records. The Blossoms lads have firmly established themselves as a powerhouse in the emergent indie synth pop sound they pioneer and their production influence on the latest Fuzzy Sun release is prominent from the outset – a very distant drum groove erupts into the opening title track which goes to effortless marry a conspicuous indie-pop influence with notable nods to illustrious acts like Tame Impala as Daisy Valentine’s synth, Raffaele Pani’s prominent guitar delay ringing throughout and Kyle Ross’ powerful vocals fuse to create one of the catchiest contemporary opening songs offered by up and coming UK acts.

This upbeat pop sound is quickly juxtaposed with the mellow number ‘Sad’ expressing themes of heartbreak from a post-breakup perspective; further brought to life through the change from Ross’s vocals exuding a somber nature, to Daisy’s high pitched, almost haunting, tones bringing an added texture to the song layering the songs love-loss ideas. The song is a credit to the 5-pieces ability to succeed at writing venue filling material through a unique sound which encompasses the best parts of the genre from recent years.

The EP can be separated into 2 categories ,with beautiful ballads in the form of ‘Sad’ and the album’s final track ‘Come Take A Bite’ which takes on a more conventional ballad structure and sound, with it’s clean guitar arpeggios and monotone vocals climaxing in a heightened wall of sound with distorted sounds and frantic synth. The other portion of the album is 2 catchy songs with ‘Want Love’ and ‘After All This Time’ offering audiences a taste of things to come from the growing Northern act.

As a body of work, ‘Want Love’ is one of the most impressive entries into the music scene I have heard in a long time and I wouldn’t be surprised if they reached the heights of their record label owners as they release new music in the near future.

The 4 song masterclass in debut releases follows the announcement that they will be supporting Blossoms on their upcoming UK tour in May – as well as this, Fuzzy Sun has been announced on the bills of festivals such as Kendal Calling and Liverpool’s Sound City.

You can stream ‘Want Love’ on Apple Music and Spotify now.


Words by Adam Hutchinson

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