Sigrid releases new single ‘Raw’

Fresh off the back of winning the coveted BBC Music Sound of 2018 award, Norwegian pop princess in the making, Sigrid, has released her latest single, ‘Raw’.

Almost as if welcoming the spring season, ‘Raw’  has a relaxing and mellow sound that makes you want to go out and find daisies to put in your hair. In contrast to other releases, which have been more upbeat and synth-laden, ‘Raw’ is a complete change of pace, with an emphasis on simultaneous stripped back vocals and beats.

Despite the tone-down, the single still has the powerful, youthful angst that has been prevalent in Sigrid’s music. She sings, “I just wanna be pure, you know I’m terrible at putting up a show”, which effectively suggests that she is tired of pertaining to an image and that she wants to be seen for who she is, not as a fabricated image of people’s perceptions of herself.

‘Raw’ demonstrates that Sigrid can be dynamic in her sound; it is a striking addition to the 21-year old’s repertoire of promising material. It is bound to evoke even more excitement around her work, allowing her to remain as one to look out for in the coming months, as she will inevitably hit the stratosphere of stardom.

You can stream ‘Raw’ on Apple Music and Spotify now.

Words by Declan Godfrey.





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