The Sulks Release Their Highly Awaited EP, ‘Silence Is Only The Start’.

The Sulks took up residency in the tranquil settings of Far Heath studios in Northampton to record their debut EP “Silence Is Only The Start” towards the end of last year after setting up a pledge fund to enable them to get this body of work recorded and released. Now, in Spring 2018, the band are proud to release their first full EP into the world. It has come after tireless nights and the constant support of the fans and funds but, it is now out!

The Debut EP was produced by Gordon Raphael (The Strokes, Regina Spektor, Ian Brown, Damon Albarn, The Libertines) who first heard the band a few months ago, after hearing the potential behind Rhys and James’ writing ability and harmonisation across their previous tracks, he immediately got in touch for the exchange of demos and finalisation of a recording date.
The idea for the EP was to have each track sounding different from the last and to try to push their sound as much a possible and from the very first listen through, it is easy to say they have reached that exact goal.


Opening track, ‘The Cure’ is initially jarring and throwing due to the force, power and passion behind the introductory chords, its melody doesn’t hold back, hitting you like a ton of bricks and giving you no time to recover before the ringing of the melody begins. The lyrics are raucous and suit the loud, rough vocals perfectly. This is by far the heaviest track on the EP, it allows the band to present themselves at their most extreme and expand their audience however: they don’t want to be known for just one type of sound or stick to one genre.

You may initially feel the second track, ‘Here Comes The Night’ follows a similar melody as the first but, you’d be wrong. Despite its heavy intro and chorus, the track is flipped on its head as soft, calming vocals reduce the anguish and anger, the vocals are smooth, enchanting and of extremely high quality.

‘To Be Loved’ displays a poppier, more upbeat aspect to their sound. Harsh, choppy, fast vocals run parallel to distorted, warped guitar melodies, short guitar melodies don’t only add variation and interest but display the talent and skill The Sulks have as both solo musicians and a collective band. Produced to a high quality, each instrument is crisp, clean and polished which is usually unexpected from such a young band.

The fourth and final track, ‘Suburbs’ completely differs from the ones heard before. Completely laid back and sleazy, its soft vocals are calming yet contrasted by the high distortion of the melody, despite its differences, it remains tied into the rest of the EP in a concise, clear way. The harsh guitar lines and drum beat have a rough quality to them as the track develops, but are always controlled to the highest degree and maintained by the smooth vocals, bleeding and blending through.

In the last few months the band has played their first show outside of the UK in Paris, they were also added to the ‘Big in 2018’ list compiled by This Feeling and Fred Perry Subculture, they have given the honour of headlining the first This Feeling show in their home town of Swindon. By covering such an expanse of musical genres, The Sulks have left all doors open yet have also proved to themselves and their fans that they can create a fulfilling piece of music. Who knows where they’ll go next but, I can assure you, with an EP of this quality under their belts, they’re determined to make it big.

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