Who in the hell is Coralcrown?

Luis Gotor has lived in Spain for the vast majority of his life, yet it wasn’t until his arrival to London, in 2014, that he started to feel somewhat passionate for his music. A transcendent thought, perhaps, as he started to believe that he would actually be able to achieve some form of success, even if it was minimal.

Before his transition to the dreary weather of Britain, Luis had been in bands that were formed of simply his mates. The vibrant nights of London, laden with LED lighting, brought upon an epiphany that cascaded into a journey of self-discovery. Emboldened by his own determination (‘yeah, I can do this on my own and do it bloody well’), Coralcrown was born.

In the midst of conversation on Twitter, Luis stated “After a few years out from playing music, suddenly I started writing songs, having new ideas, a new style and well, I got excited and decided to start a solo project with a few friends with which is Coralcrown’.

The ultimate influences that molded the music of Coralcrown sit as a juxtaposition beside one another. From the American and British pop-punk movement of the early 2000s, (think Blink-182, Busted et cetera) to progressive rock of the late 1960s to early 1970s such as Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd, an array of musicians has had a major impact on Luis.

Give him a try, you’ve got nothing to lose;


Words by Harry Mangham.


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