Foals ‘Antidotes’ 10 year anniversary

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Foals began their remarkable journey by releasing their first material in 2007 with ‘Hummer’ and ‘Mathletics’ and in 2008 released arguably one of the greatest debuts of the 2000’s and a Math Rock classic. In fact in the summer of 2007 Foals played a house party for Skins and in that played ‘Hummer’. I will always remember the moment of hearing ‘Hummer’ whilst my dad watched the special episode. The show played a big part in helping them gain a cult status within the scene. At times it seems the show and the band have grown together.

A mix of angular guitars, complex drumming and punchy angsty vocals laid the ground for my favourite album. Since first hearing Antidotes it has played a huge part in my life. I was 10 when it was released and since then they’ve been my favourite band. It has helped me through tough times but also the good times. The likes of ‘Cassius’, ‘Red Socks Pugie’, ‘Olympic Airways’ and ‘Two Steps, Twice’ will carry on being some of the biggest tracks to date in the band’s catalogue.

Here are Piran’s thoughts on the album and he wraps it up nicely as to how important this album is.

‘Antidotes’ By Foals will always hold a tremendous place, not just in my life, but in my heart. At the age of 9, my Mum made me aware of the band when their then latest single ‘Cassius’ was released. The shear uniqueness of the track, its inflicting rhythm and distinctive sound made the song become my childhood anthem. A few months later, I would see the band live for the very first time.

The venue was the NME Stage at Reading Festival. A mid-afternoon slot in the late August heat in 2008. My memory of the day is still relatively clear. I remember the tent being packed to the brim to see the Math-rockers take to the stage. We had a good spot, yet I spent the entire set placed on my Dad’s shoulders so I could get the view of a lifetime. The crowd was mental. I remember seeing people jumping and as high as possible, launching inflatable, swaying flags. You don’t’ see hype like this anymore with a band. The sound, the energy, it’s unique and what makes Foals so iconic. This would be my first live taster of a band that are one of my favourite bands of all time.



I was given ‘Antidotes’ on CD after its release, and still 10 years on, it remains one of my favourite records. From start to finish, the record is utterly magnificent. From the opening erratic and dance like beats of  ‘The French Open’ to the, exciting and dangerous ‘Two Steps, Twice’, ‘Antidotes’ is a record that will always hold a special place in my heart. It is seminal to me. If I ever had the chance to meet Yannis, or any other member of Foals, I would thank them entirely for producing this record, because without it, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

So happy birthday ‘Antidotes’, and may your legacy live on forever.

Words by Sam and Piran.

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