Sorry: Home Demons Review

In case you hadn’t got the memo, one of Britain’s most exciting new bands dropped a mixtape on Thursday. London four-piece, Sorry, shared moody banger, 2 Down 2 Dance, in late February and have come right off the bat with the audio-visual experience Home Demo/ns Vol. II. Directed by lead singer, Asha Lorenz, and school-friend, Flo Webb, the project seamlessly mixes Sorry’s signature sonic landscapes with weird and wonderful home-shot music videos.

The mixtape follows on from the first edition of Home Demo/ns which featured the band’s work up to the point at which their debut single, Wished, was released. In Volume II we see some new sides to the band, while maintaining the malevolent yet delicate sound they’re becoming known for.

From the first twang of the guitars in Moment, one can tell that they’re in for a treat. The first shot we see is of the creative minds behind the music, Asha Lorenz and Louis O’Bryen, looking out at us from the shower alongside an upbeat, driving tempo. Start as you mean to go on, right?

Tearz follows straight after. ‘Why does it always end in tearz?’ questions Asha, with her noughties Motorola to her ear. The seemingly chill instrumental has an air of urgency woven through it. The bass feels like it’s repressing the urge to erupt in a fit of violence, creating a volatile vibe to the song and putting the listener to the very edge of their seat, all the while giving us one of the catchiest choruses on the tape.

Battles is one of the brighter moments on the tape, mixing comical shots of cowboys on the streets of London with uplifting choruses, although the trademark lyrical despondency still remains to add a thin coating of dejection. Manic is a brooding trip hop groove, accompanied wonderfully by dark, monochrome shots, while Winta is an eerie interlude that creeps along, while Asha’s poignantly brittle vocals threaten to crack at any given moment.

Lying Next To Me In Despair is really the crowning glory, the biggest highlight of the whole project. Starting with guitars that feel as though they could’ve been pulled off of a Mac Demarco record, the song induces a wave of chilled ambience while the sombre lyrics sung by Louis add a layer of melancholy, making it one of those you can listen to at either end of the emotive spectrum. The carelessness of the of the instrumental juxtaposed with the lyrics that maybe care too much create  a perfect blend of fragile slacker lo-fi.

Western returns to the cowboy theme seen earlier with a considerably darker tone (‘Die like a cowboy, die like a cowboy’), trading the sun seen in Battles with thick snow. Blue is heartbreaking down tempo at it’s best, while Ballin’ Hard For U is the perfect closer. It’s lazy tempo and treated vocals create an oasis of comfort, making one instantly reach for the repeat button.

Home Demo/ns Vol. II is an illustrious collection of songs and makes one look forward to hearing an official debut EP. Who knows what Asha and co. have got up their sleeves? In the meantime though, we’ve got Home Demo/ns, and that’s certainly good enough for me.

Experience it here:

  • Moment
  • Tearz
  • Battles
  • Manic
  • Winta
  • Lying Next To Me In Despair
  • Western
  • Blue
  • Ballin’ Hard For U

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Featured image courtesy of Holly Whitaker. 

Words by Oliver Hopkins. 

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