The Fratellis ‘In Your Own Sweet Time’ : Album review

Bubbly, bold and brave – The Fratelli lads’ highly awaited fifth album is unlike anything from their back catalogue. The band stated this album was going to be ‘different’ and they have certainly achieved that. The band has taken a fresh, yet daring route with their music; they’ve created some great tracks  which still exhibit the old Fratellis tone that we all know and love, but the addition of electronica has resulted in some new bouncy pop/rock tracks sprinkled with summer time vibes.

‘In Your Own Sweet Time’ echoes a seventies rock essence that packs a punch. The first few bars of opener ‘Stand up Tragedy’ immediately transports the listener back in time to their first album ‘Costello Music.’ It manages to uphold the same feel-good sound with a great mixture of sharp guitar riffs and drums, which so many of the tracks off their first offering epitomised. The playful but almost poignant lyrics, ‘I don’t do handsome and you don’t do sympathy’ drizzle the record with a lovely lashing of their typical tongue-in-cheek attitude.

Another key track on the album is ‘The Next Time We Wed’. This song oozes an electronic feel, mixed with their signature indie sound and guitar riffs. The chorus is unbelievably catchy and definitely a stand out.

‘Star-Crossed Losers’ really showcases Jon Fratelli’s beautiful vocals with subdued guitar and bass, tastefully combined with a memorable beat. This track accentuates their new escape into electronic production, which is a new venture for the band but undoubtedly one that they should carry on perusing.

The guys are currently on tour in the UK and are soon to head over to the US and Canada, with a solid roster of festivals slots lined up for this summer. The energy and atmosphere that they provide at their live gigs is purely insane – snap up a ticket fast because they’re rapidly selling out.

Discover their latest album on Spotify and play it in your own sweet time.

Words by Hope Andrews.


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