The sheer amount of music out in the world right now is honestly astonishing, with new artists and different sounds popping up pretty much daily. This, sadly, means that (to no fault of anybody) MANY greatly talented artists are subject to going under the radar for many listeners. SO, I bring to you a list of five essential new artists you’d be stupid to ignore.

Soccer Mommy


(image courtesy of Joe Saturday)

Soccer Mommy is the solo project turned band of Nashville bedroom pop/indie rock singer-songwriter Sophie Allison. First picking up a guitar at the age of 6, Allison began releasing material under the alias of Soccer Mommy on Bandcamp back in 2015.

Capturing the hearts of audiences all over the world, Soccer Mommy makes heart wrenching, twinkly, emotional songs with a dash of irresistible playfulness in the mix. Her latest album, Clean, came out earlier this year and is easily one of the best and most exciting releases of the year so far.


Gus Dapperton


(image by Mike Gerry)

Sporting a bowlcut, glasses and eye make-up, Gus Dapperton is a totally self-produced artist with a dreamily addictive and unique sound. Dapperton represents a whole new wave of artists, and youths – blurring the lines between gender, sound and style.

The youngster, born in 1997, cites influences from the likes of The Beatles, Bruce Springsteen and The Beach Boys – all of which, he grew up listening to.  A bright future lies ahead for the young, multi-instrumentalist. His biggest hit “I’m Just Snacking” acquired a million views on YouTube after only a few months, and got him featured on the popular, taste-making sites – Vogue and Pigeons & Planes.


The Orielles


(image courtesy of Urban Outfitters)

Blending an influence of Britpop, blues, disco, pop and indie rock, The Orielles are one of (if not THE) most exciting bands to come out of the UK in recent years. The Halifax trio’s debut record, Silver Dollar Moment, came out last month and is jam packed with exhilarating performances from each and every member of the band, and accompanied by an all round fun-loving sensibility that’ll have the band running circles in your head for days on end. Consisting of sisters Sidonie, Esme and their best friend Henry – who are all under the age of 20, The Orielles really have the potential to be huge.

It’s this clear sense that the group are having so much fun, that makes them so loveable, and it’s infectious at every listen. A swirling concoction of reverb heavy guitars, pulsating drum work, bumbling basslines and dreamy vocal deliveries make The Orielles stand out from the rest and you’d honestly be missing out massively if you don’t check them out – couldn’t recommend these guys enough.




(photo: Max Hirschberger)

Putting together everything from synths and guitars to sampling camera shutters, the eight-piece indie pop outfit’s sound is a weird and wonderful, genre-defying breath of fresh air. The band made it onto the BBC’s Sound of 2018 list after various radio plays from Frank Ocean and Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig and despite only being together as a unit for less than a year – they’re already being doted as the “new Gorillaz“.

Originally collaborating over the internet, and from various countries across the globe, the group moved in together late last year and released their debut, self-titled album, to critical acclaim earlier this month.




(image: photographer unknown)

JPEGMAFIA aka Peggy, is a constantly evolving, alt-right hating, LA based noise rapper carrying the torch that “hip hop is the new rock n roll” with his heavy punk influences peppered throughout his discography. Diverse in style, JPEG‘s projects all share the common themes of rage at the forces of oppression, provocativeness (the dude literally has a song called ‘I Cannot F*****g Wait Until Morrissey Dies‘), hypocrisy and alienation.

This is all backdropped by some of the most experimental and hard-hitting beats you’ve ever heard. His 2018 album, Veteran, is the latest masterpiece effort in his impressive back catalogue and is quite possibly his most daring release to date. With one of the most witty and dangerous flows, and sharp lyricism, Peggy is a really interesting rapper with a lot to say if you can look past the sometimes overly chaotic instrumentals. If you’re a fan of hectic hip hop and crushing punk, be sure to give Peggy a listen.



Words by Ben Davies

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