The Wytches + support; Captain Süün: live review at Bristol’s Exchange (22.3.18)

7:30pm came and the Exchange was already filling up in anticipation of what was to come, The Wytches return to Bristol on their SMASH HITS TOUR (and some future hits) with the support of Bristol’s very own garage psych band; Captain Süün, made up of four lovely long-haired dudes.

Captain Süün’s set was captivating right from the start, begging you to sway with them and the crowd did, willingly. Like any branch of psych Captain Süün achieved a sense of hypnotism with their twangs and playful ‘ow!’s rippling out of the overall fuzz ambience.

Their Soundcloud! For more fuzziness; Captain Süün soundcloud

The Wytches return right away with the diverse dark rock sound they’re known for, smashing out heavy dreary chords, the energised crowd nod with each blow. As it is the SMASH HITS (and some future hits) TOUR we expected Gravedweller, Wide At Midnight chaos, and C-Side from ‘All Your Happy Life’. A track played packed, full of energy and consistently right till the very end as it fades emulating slow breaths till the sound is no more, allowing the recipients some rest (before it all kicks off again).

Cough/Cool off of ‘Home Recordings’ allows a clearer vocal as Kristian chants “cough ! cool cool cool !” in time picking up the pace of the crowd once again as they join him. The fast tempo steaming from the drumming in combination with the bass creates a feeling of creeping to a threshold, like a chase going on in the red lit room and it certainly gets you moving.

Rolling from C-Side came Wide at Midnight from ‘Annabelle Dream Reader’ which gave off a slower moody sound and was obviously known to the crowd as they sang back in a delight. People tumbled on hands, feet in the air and heads to the floor in a swirl pool of people followed by stunning guitar melody and lumbering riffs. And to end there’s one last outburst compact with energy stirring up the room then to silence, ready for what I believe is one of their (future hits!) new tracks.

I don’t know about you but the track that followed; for me anyway, teased to Radiohead the likes of ‘In Rainbows’ or earlier ‘The Bends’ era but with muffled vocals, lo-fi and distorted, slow and depressing with the familiar dreariness The Wytches carry in their music. There seemed to be similarity in the guitar melodies and the way Kristian sang in that same melancholic way Thom Yorke does but imbedding their own uniqueness as The Wytches for their grungy outcome. So I guess we’ll have to wait and see (and still waiting on hearing Crying Clown live..). I was left adrenalised and in complete awe from what I witnessed in the last 2-3 hours.

Throughout the gig I compiled video recordings which I have mashed together into one, take a look here:

The Wytches Spotify

Words by Tiz


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