Living, breathing rock ’n’ roll – The Plastic Mac live – PJ Malloy’s ★★★★

This was a first headline gig for The Plastic Mac, but you would’ve been hard pressed to tell. Formed in late 2016, almost by accident by a combination of a piano jam, a joint music class and a next door neighbour, they are a relatively fresh act, but their inexperience doesn’t betray them. Theirs was a set brimming with rightly placed confidence and swagger, which made for an unquestionably fun evening. Charismatic Sean, lead vocalist and accomplished in the art of the tambourine, along with Ben on drums and the other Ben and Joe, guitar and bass, shared a force of electric energy, which they maintained right the way through the set. Peppered with covers like Bowie’s ‘Rebel Rebel’ and their now-iconic grunge influenced take on The Beatles’ ‘Helter Skelter’, their set also featured intoxicating originals.

The support for the night was a genuinely impressive array of young, local talent. The Grifters, a psychedelic blues band local to Dunfermline and the more central indie rock outfit Mister City were both brimming with the potential to be fantastic acts. There was great talent on show across the sets but both lacked an engaging energy that only more experience can bring. Noisy rock band Between the Lines, another Dunfermline act, definitely had an electrifying set, due in no small part to the powerful vocals and strong guitar lines.

They have cited The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and The Sex Pistols as their main influences but emerging Scottish acts such as Vida, Neon Waltz and Domiciles have also been hailed  inspirations. Much like many of the group’s musical influences, The Plastic Mac produce a raw rock ’n’ roll sound, which is delightful in its grimy pull for the audience.

When asked, frontman Sean said that The Plastic Mac summed up in a single word would be ‘sleazy’ and he couldn’t have put it better. Their sexy, gritty performance had everyone champing at the bit for their upcoming single ‘We Are The Same’, which is set for a release within the next month. Looking into the future the boys seemed enthusiastic about recording into the early summer, something to definitely keep an eye out for on release, The Plastic Mac have a lot more to come.

Words by Sophie Shrive.


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