SURPRISE! Listen to an explosive new song from Tyler, The Creator:

Just when you think you know Tyler, The Creator, he throws you a curve ball. Releasing the stunning Flower Boy last summer and getting a Grammy nomination (!), it seemed the former Odd Future ring-leader was beginning to mature. Of course, this wasn’t the case. Last night, Tyler surprise dropped a brand new song, entitled “Okra”, along with a flamboyant, accompanying music video. The rapper continues to prove that he belongs at the top, and is clearly preparing for his next venture. Perfectly blending the old and the new, “Okra” comes as some of Tyler’s best work to date.


(above: Tyler at the 2018 Grammys Awards, image rights go to Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

Nothing has been said of a full length being in the works, and the track has been described as a “throwaway”. All of this being said, “Okra” is easily one of the best songs in T’s arsenal to date, making nods to his previous self with its brain-melting bass and sharp-shooting flows. The gruesome atmosphere of the track will come as a surprise to many, especially with the whole vibe Tyler went with for Flower Boy, presumably leaving his darkness in the past.

The usual intricate attention to detail is pushed aside slightly, as Tyler takes the time to focus on his lyricism and flow here, however his now trademark strings and pianos do still make a brief appearance. I can’t think of any other time when Tyler has crushed it like he does here, I don’t know how he does it but he always manages to demolish every image people curate of him and take it to the next level. He makes nods to rising acting star Timothee Chalamet, Fresh Prince and Django Unchained throughout the track: “Tell Tim Chalamet to come get at me“, “Paintjob look like ashy ankles on Django“, “Since Ashley Banks’ cousin had a fade but thats 92, I’m 91“. It would seem he is continuing to be open about his sexuality, as he did many a time on Flower Boy. 

The track is a spellbinding effort and an absolute culmination of all the amazing things Tyler has achieved in the last year or so. The dude has the right to brag and boy does he deserve it. I adored Flower Boy with all of my heart (and will defend it till I die), but it would be incredible to see Tyler drop a full project of just absolute bass fuelled bangers like this one.

Check out the music video below, which debuts some brand new Golf x Converse which I’m sure will be dropping reasonably soon. The aesthetic of the video is, obviously, out of this world and exactly what you’d expect from Tyler, enjoy!







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