An introduction to Peach Club, the riot girls destined to rock the world

Rebel girls, Peach Club are fresh on the music scene and without a doubt here to make an impact. Hailing from Norwich, the fantastic four-piece have been tearing up the riot girls world.

Peach Club
Image courtesy of Poppy Marriott

In 2016, they dropped their 1st E.P, The Bitch Dairies which gave the world a powerful welcoming from the band. Two years later and the ecstatic Cherry Baby E.P is released. Peach Club constantly radiate female angst and girl power vibes! Below is a short interview with the remarkable women rocking the bad bitch vibes.

Since forming, how far do you think you’ve come as a band?
Becca: As far as being able to play with some of our favorite bands which is a great achievement for us.
Kat: Yeah I think considering we’ve only been a band for about 2 years we’ve come really far! We’re so happy and lucky to be where we are.

Who were the key figures which inspired you to become a band?
Becca: Playing music, in the beginning, was just something I enjoyed to do and then as the band formed the Runaways really inspired me with the whole ‘girl band’ thing. Now I’d say the members of Sleater Kinney really inspire me personally.
Kat: I’ve always wanted to be a pop star after discovering Britney Spears. I guess I’m punk rock’s Britney now haha (I wish). But seriously, bands like Bikini Kill and Deap Vally really inspired me to be in a rock band.

What are your favourite songs to say live?
Becca: I just love Mission Impossible. It’s usually the last song in the set and it works wonders.
Kat: I LOVE playing Oh My God. It’s absolutely exhausting to play but it’s so much fun. I like our punchier songs!

If you could describe Peach Club in 4 words, what would they be?
Becca: My 4 words for Peach Club would be: punk music for everyBODY
Kat: Funky Punky Political Tunes.

These bad bitches are the ones to watch, catch them at one of their upcoming dates before. As well as these, Peach Club have extraordinarily exciting news coming!
April 12th Dr Martens Store, Norwich
April 13th Supporting Shonen Knife (!) The Garage, London


All photos courtesy of Poppy Marriott

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