Let It Happen Presents… An Update

Hello all!

We just wanted to update everyone on the on-goings of our new promotion adventure!

First of all, we are unfortunately pushing back the beginning of our artist submissions for live events. This is due to the fact we will now be looking to properly kick-start the events once exams are finished. We apologize for any inconvenience involved with this, and we will update you further when we have more news available to you all. We are currently looking at multiple venues in Manchester and Cardiff, and we are also keen on working with other promoters within these two cities. Therefore, if there any promoters who would be keen to work with us, please send an email over to letithappenpresents@gmail.com.  We apologize for this delay in proceedings of our live shows.

However, we still want to help your band! If you are a new band and you still want to be featured on the blog do not hesitate in dropping an email over to letithappenpresents@gmail.com.

As we are delaying the gigs for a short while, we wanted to still give new bands the best possible chance of exposure as possible so therefore, if you are interested in sending a short paragraph about your band/act, with some music/video/photo/live recording to the email previously mentioned, Let It Happen will still provide the services of:

  • Featuring your music on the blog
  • Providing an interview for your band
  • Reviewing any live gigs you have lined up
  • Press photographs in a location of your choice
  • Gig photographs

If you are interested in this service, please let us know by sending us an email through letithappenpresents@gmail.com and we will gladly take you into consideration. Please note we may not be able to reply to every email we get sent straight away. If there is a delay in replying, we apologize greatly.

There is no catch, we just want your band to succeed, and we want to give you the best possible start to your careers, and elevate your talent.


In the meantime, our first live event is being held at Jimmy’s, where Idle Hours will be taking center stage as our headliners, followed with support from Sequin Sally, and Samsara. Stay tuned for interviews from each of these artists in the coming weeks, as well as an introduction to each band, before the show on April 16th.

Again we apologize for any inconveniences, and we can’t wait to update you on any other further proceedings.

Piran, and Let It Happen.

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