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Here, ladies and gents is the bread and butter of Sad Saturdays. Not every week will I have a dumb take on some genre-related issue or a big piece about a new album release. Sometimes I’ll be using this segment to give a little platform to some smaller bands with releases you may have missed but I think deserve to be heard. While every now and again I will feature some bigger bands and their records, they get enough of a platform already, and I’d like to shine a little light on some bands that deserve some more recognition, the first of these being Teddy Westside.

I’ve recently found that there is a glut of good emo bands flying under the radar in Atlanta, Georgia, with Teddy Westside one of my favourites among them, and not just because of the How I Met Your Mother reference in their name. Their latest EP, Not Enough, was released on February 1st of this year, and only came to my attention by random chance on Twitter, though it quickly became one of my favourite things I’ve stumbled upon. With only 4 relatively short tracks, it gives a tantalising taste of what I hope is to come in the future from Teddy Westside.

Though only 4 tracks long, they manage to show a great range, from the acoustic emo of the title track, the riffy nod to more indie/alt bands such as The Superweaks on “No Good” to the shoutier (for want of a better word) and power chord-driven “Santa Rosa”. “Chaplin” takes the crown for me as the best song on the EP, with a sound that faintly reminds me of early Sorority Noise which is about as big a compliment as I can give anything.

The lyrics might make you cringe if you read too far into them, but that isn’t necessarily a criticism. As long as the lyrics are delivered well, they can serve their purpose as a simple emotional outpouring of words. The fact that these lyrics are delivered by a voice that sounds a lot more talented than many emo contemporaries, and backed up by interesting and varied instrumentation, helps make Teddy Westside stand out for me about many similar emo bands breaking through.

I’m trying to keep these smaller features short and sweet because I have a tendency to ramble, but please check Teddy Westside out because they’re a great little band and, though I know very little about them, I’d like to hope there’s a lot more to come from them. Check out Not Enough down below and you won’t be disappointed.

Josef Smith

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