Thank you.

This post is a little different from a review or a feature, we wanted to just simply say thank you.

You may have noticed that we picked up our first ever award on Thursday at the Cardiff Music Awards. We were completely shocked and we were not expecting that result, especially because we were up against tough competition. Yet miraculously, we did.

We wouldn’t have won that award but for two main reasons. Number one, our writers. Both past and present, to everyone who was written a post, taken a photo, talked about a band on this site we want to thank you for the outstanding contributions you have made towards Let It Happen. To the people who are in the process of joining the fold and who are new to this site, we thank you. To the people who have since left to follow their passions further, we thank you.

Secondly, we want to thank the thousands of readers who continuously support the blog, and give us the motivation to continue writing. Without your votes and your support, we would not have won the award, and for that we are so grateful and we just want to thank you all.

We are dedicated to delivering the most exciting new acts, and the best content we can offer to you all. We do find it difficult to balance our University work, sixth form studies, and even GCSE’s with the blog work. Yet we will continue to try to deliver the content that we feel the public, and our readers deserve. No adverts or shitty clickbait.

More posts are coming, more exciting musicians are being discovered and exciting things are happening. So with that, thank you.

Let It Happen x


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