Ivan Moult, ‘Longest Shadow’ – Album Launch Review

Tucked away in upstairs Buffalo, folk lovers rejoiced in an evening showcasing the best in the Welsh acoustic scene. Starting with the wondrous collaboration of Eugene Capper and Rhodri Brooks, the two and band created beautifully expensive pieces laced with 60’s keys. The psychedelic interludes paired with delicate vocals set the tone for an immersive evening.

Following was an intimate solo performance from Gareth Bonello of The Gentle Good. His stripped back folk tales of social observation through natural metaphor makes him a true laureate of lyrics.

That wasn’t the end of the show for Bonello as he swapped the acoustic for electric to join Ivan Moult and band for the premiere of ‘Longest Shadow’. Through Bubblewrap Collective, the album is a beautiful addition to an already impeccable back catalogue from his debut album ‘Second Guessing’.

Moult’s self-taught style is charming yet captivating with witty interjection between song. The line-up itself encompassed a real family feel, with Moult reminiscing to a gig 7 years previously of the same talent. The material largely consists of reflective pieces of romance with great depth and exquisite arrangements. Pivotal moments included the enchanting title track ‘Longest Shadow’ and ‘The One Who’ that oozes passion and honesty.

Its shows like this that make it hard putting such moving performances into words. ‘Longest Shadow’ is now available to purchase and stream.

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