EP Review: Kid Kapichi ‘Lucozade Dreams’

After being hotly tipped as being a band for the future by acclaimed rock magazine heavyweights Kerrang, the release of Kid Kapichi’s latest EP ‘Lucozade Dreams’ has been a one eagerly anticipated by fans and critics alike.

In similar fashion to their preceding self-titled EP, the 5 track body of work opens with a powerful intro and the songs themselves don’t subvert from the sound they’ve established for themselves; the 15-minute collection of seemingly uninspired radio-friendly singles conforms to pop structures whilst having an overall feel of a Royal Blood tribute act. The first full song on the EP ‘Cinderella’ “takes inspiration” from the lads in Royal Blood with a chorus which could have been plucked from the critically acclaimed self-titled first album. Despite the song in its own right having a catchy hook, it is hard as a listener to see past the similarities between the 2 bands even as the EP progresses into the slightly more ambitious effort ‘Puppet Strings’. Even with this lead single, the songwriting is very much a duplicate of popular indie rock songs with the song being a collage of their former touring partner’s Slaves riffs in the intro, Humbug era Arctic Monkeys and Royal Blood again in the powerful chorus. The final 2 songs ‘Jack Jones’ and ‘Machine Man’ only going to follow suit and lack originality which is really disappointing knowing the potential the band have.

Knowing that Kip Kapichi have the eyes of some of the highest grossing publications on them, ‘Lucozade Dreams’ for me really embodies the saying “not angry, just disappointed”. The band have shown in their back catalogue that they do have the capability to present songs that are intricate in the way they develop with interesting lyricism and original riffs unique to the band, however, this EP really feels like a step back instead of the more matured work they wanted to deliver.

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