Let It Happen Singles of the Month – March 2018

This year is moving at quite a pace… We’re already in April, and 2018 is proving to be a ridiculous year for new music. So let’s look back through the pages of March and see what spectacular releases have been delivered.

  • Snail Mail – ‘Pristine’ 

For me personally, the song of the year (so far). Lindsey Jordan (aka Snail Mail) has burst onto the scene in recent months. After a terrific debut EP release in 2016, she has risen, toured, grown in confidence and is on everyone’s lips. ‘Pristine’ is the first taster from her upcoming debut record ‘Lush’. The track is embodies heartbreak, youthful flare and passion. “And if you do find someone better, I’ll still see you in everything, For always, tomorrow and all the time”. The lyrics transform the song. Their context brings true and raw emotion to the table, and quite frankly, its stunning.

  • Jon Hopkins – ‘Emerald Rush’ 

The return of a man I’ve waited for for a while now… Jon Hopkins has finally returned and in some fashion. ‘Emerald Rush’ brings a euphoric explosion of electronica which ignites a soundscape like no other. At just over five and a half minutes long, the track has been described as “the greatest headache in the world” and its clear to see why. With a beat that is constant and so hard-hitting, it pounds it’s way through your skull, yet in a pleasurable way. “Emerald Rush’ is intense, euphoric, and one of, if not the stand out Electronic track of 2018. Period.

  • DMA’S – ‘In The Air’ 

(yes I’m aware this song came out in February, but its too good not to include)

Sydney based band DMAS are back with a doozy – dreamy single ‘In The Air’ is the third single to be released from their promising second album ‘For Now’. Written on an old piano a few years ago, is ‘In The Air’ is quite the emotional ballad, chock-full of passionate lyrics talk of love, meaning that the focal point is the sentiment behind the lyrics. The melody is definitely that of the DMAS, the wavy sounds from the previous album are not shy on this alluring single.  Words by Jess Bell

  • The Aces – ‘Waiting For You’

The Aces’ ‘Waiting For You’ was a highlight of this month for me, an upcoming band with their debut set to be released on Friday, with each new song release, another layer of the long-awaited album is peeled away and their latest does not disappoint. Heavy with bass, the song is sexual and passionate and this is reflected within its subject matter. The track captures the moments of early love perfectly, the anxiety surrounding it and the desperation for love. Minimal drum lines give the full attention and stage to the lyrics and powerful, atmospheric guitar lines running throughout. The powerful pop quartet have struck gold on this single and this romantic, rocky ballad is exactly what everyone needs in their lives. If you’re not listening to The Aces, what are you doing? – Words by Caitlin McMillan 

  • Danxia – ‘Radio Song’

I recently stumbled across Danxia a few weeks back and within seconds of listening to them they blew me away. A shoegaze, noise-rock, dream-pop outfit from Warrington, Danxia released their new single ‘Radio Song’ at the back end of March and produces one heck of a wall of noise. Guitars drenched in reverb, and elegant vocals create a luscious and piercing sound that likens to that of bands like Slowdive. Crank up the volume for this track, because it is a sonic ride of dreamy soundscapes ready to escort you through the vacuum of space.

  • Orchid Mantis – ‘No Echo’

Time for some lo-fi bedroom-pop now. Dreamy, beautiful, yet rough around the edges, Orchid Mantis latest offering ‘No Echo’ is charing and melodic and acts like meditation for the ears. A genuinely meaningful, and relaxing addition to their fast-growing discography. The band already have two records out this year, and with even more material on the horizon, Orchid Mantis are gaining more and more attention each passing day.

  • Beach House – ‘Dive’

No surprises here, but Beach House have done it again. A truly remarkable, and stunning track named ‘Dive’ has heightened my anticipation for their next release even more. With a soft and melodic introduction of gorgeous guitars and a soothing synth which mellows the track to become a this calm and dreamy addition to their discography. Yet two and a half minutes in, the track evolves to a loud crescendo of drums and twanging guitars which are produced on epic proportions. The music is emotional, thick with sound and draws a unique type of energy, that only Beach House could create.

Heres that sweet, sweet playlist featuring some more great music from March!

Photo courtesy of Michael Lavine

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