Tom Misch / Geography

Multi-instrumental and a talent that cannot be questioned, Tom Misch’s latest album lives up to all necessary hype surrounding it. The South London based musician uses ‘Geography’ to take you on a groovy train ride through the mastermind of the author.

‘Geography’ has collaborations with some diverse artists, creating a unique sound that’s not emulated in its 13 tracks. The album opens with ‘Before Paris’ a beautiful, spoken word depiction of artistic values, of which is something that Tom Misch is very vocal about. The song then moves into a melodic jazzy masterpiece as it slowly fades into the second track of the album ‘Lost in Paris’, an almost sequel to its predecessor. Lost in Paris features a collaboration with GoldLink, a groovy modern twist on Jazz and Blues, combined with the seductive voice of Misch and rapping of GoldLink provides a combination almost too good to be true.


South of the River is a personal favourite of mine from the album. The track depicts perfectly the style of music in which Misch is turning heads over. There is a strong feeling of Chic throughout, a groovy disco, funk element that is very rare to come by currently in the industry.  Movie is another that begins with a strong and empowering message through spoken word.  In comparison to the previous tracks, this song shows more elements of soul, showing how fluid the album is in terms of its genre. It Runs Through Me is another example of a perfect combination, with Misch collaborating with hip-hop’s legendary trio De La Soul. The track sounds like elevator music if elevator music was actually good. It’s melodic rhythms and repetitive beat allows for a catchy rendition of an already eclectic album.

The pivotal song of the album comes with a collaboration with Loyle Carner. Both artists being young and up and coming and showing a lot of promise. A unique twist on blues/soul meets rap. A pivotal point in what is destined to be a very successful career.

The album ends on a high with We’ve Come So Far a slow and catchy repetitive introduction that leads to the perfect track to end a very solid ‘debut’ album.

Rating 8/10 – A sign of what’s to come, a real step in the right direction of success. Pure genius.


Words by Joshua Roberts

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