Nova One perfects the 60’s style lofi pop hybrid with “Your Girl”

Meet Nova One, the Rhode Island capital based musician challenging gender identity and youth amongst other themes through dreamy pop instrumentals and heartfelt vocals.

After hearing Your Girl some late hours into the morning senselessly browsing the depths of obscure music channels I found myself in love with the echoing drums bleeding into reverb-soaked guitar solos, gliding across calming melodies, conflicted with poetic yet downhearted lyrics and I couldn’t help but get in touch with the artist.

On the topic of Your Girl:

Your Girl for me is a song that deconstructs the romanticism associated with toxic relationships. It was inspired by a toxic relationship and the ways in which gender plays out in monogamous and heteronormative love.”

Along with Your Girl, Nova One have an EP titled Secret Princess releasing through Community Records on June 8th.

On what to expect from the upcoming EP:

“A good pitch for the record is that it “explores youth, femininity and gender through a moody 60’s pop lens” and it is all those things but also a lot more. As I was writing the material, I was realizing it was helping to gain more of a sense of self-identity and was a path into understanding myself as a non-binary person. in that way the project has been deeply therapeutic and meaningful to me.”

Music seeming so effortlessly unique seems almost like a rarity these days; Nova One’s ability to merge a 60’s inspired sound with more modern lo-fi styles leads to an almost dreamlike atmosphere realized with themes that the youth can not only relate to but confide in.

Listen to Your Girl here:

Words by Sam Harris, cover image by Brittanny Taylor.

Thanks again to Roz for answering our questions.

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