The debut four-track from Liverpool quartet, SPINN, is a stellar collection of jangly, feel-good, bouncing anthems that show heap loads of potential for a band that are cooking up quite the storm in the scene at the moment. Jam-packed with sun-drenched instrumentation and dreamy hooks n melodies, the Scousers show that they’re one of the most exciting bands to come out of the UK in recent years, and they’re only just getting started.


Consisting of three previously released singles, and one brand new track, the self-titled EP is a thoroughly enjoyable listen from front to back. Short and sweet, the band have a massively promising future ahead of them.

The EP opens with “She Takes Her Time“, a track that instantly incites nostalgic feelings of summer days with it’s chiming, intricate guitar work and toe-tapping basslines. Walking a similar terrain to their hometown counterparts, The Night Cafe, its warm melodies and hazily delightful vocal deliveries come together to form a colourful, infectious track that will for sure be getting plenty of plays when the sun finally decides to come out.

Next up is “After Dark“, a single the band released a few months ago that has been stuck in my head ever since. Easily the best track on the album, with its brooding undertones that bring to mind bands like Jaws, the track wonderfully intertwines swirling reverb-soaked guitars with a get-up-and-dance melody. All brought together by a massive chorus, that I’m sure goes down a right treat at live shows, SPINN again show they can write one hell of a catchy song. Upheld by cathartic lyricism and rhythmic instrumentation across the board, the band create a uniquely joyful energy.

The consistency on this EP is bewildering, as the band show no signs of slowing down as we roll into “Who You Are“. This one shows a faster side of the band, you’ll want to turn this one up. It’s great to see a band really embrace their accents, rather than hiding them – and this makes the band all the more loveable. The pulsating chord progressions and funky bass work here reminds me of The Cure at times, bringing that same feel-good atmosphere.

The EP concludes with an all-new effort, entitled “November”, which sees the band take a slightly different route to the tracks that came before it. Coming close to the six-minute mark, the song is a moody whirlwind of emotional grit and again, charming melodies. Bringing together soaring reverb, various pleasant tempo switches and echoing vocals, the track is yet another almighty song in the SPINN arsenal. The battling tale of love in the lyrics, is at the fore here, with frontman Jonny at his most expressive to date. We’re given an invigorating climax of pounding drums and ascending guitars that make for an eclectic finale to what is an astounding EP from an incredible band set to make it big.

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Words by Ben Davies

(featured image courtesy of the band’s Soundcloud page)

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