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Feedbacc – Get Out

Punk Rock three-piece Feedbacc, hailing from Stoke-on-Trent provide a righteous middle finger to overly complicated pop inspired punk rock. Coming off their recently released eponymous ep “Feedbacc”, Get Out provides a meaty guitar riff with a straightforward drumbeat and is an excellent example of raw music without a myriad of overdone production techniques confusing the core sound. Simply put, it’s Punk Rock done well!

King No-One – Toxic Love

Residing on the softer side of rock is Yorkshire’s own, King No-One. A fantastic 4 piece, that are able to successfully straddle the line of rock music with indie lyricism. Their latest single Toxic Love. A song that immediately beats you over the head with a catchy drumbeat that provides the foundation for this fantastic track. As always, the ever-present poetic songwriting is in full effect, something you’d more commonly associate with indie music, which is the true strength of the band’s music.

Fears Chella – Polaroid

Fears Chella, a Stoke-on-Trent 4 piece that are on a constant upswing creating track after track that never fails to impress and Polaroid is no different, providing a punchy little indie pop number that has that catch factor that quickly has you humming along to the irresistible melody.

We Are Scientists – Your Light Has Changed

Storming back on the scene, We are Scientists have released 2 incredible singles ahead of their album release on the 27th April “MEGAPLEX”. Having created a reputation of making melodic rock songs that stick with you like Velcro, Your Light Has Changed delivers much of the same with an increased emphasis on delivering a slightly heavier sound than what you might be accustomed to from the band.

Faraday – Saturday

With an angsty vocal that is juxtaposed nicely by soft-spoken portions of the track with backing vocals and a maelstrom of sound that engulfs the listener. Newcastle Under Lyme’s self-professed rapscallions Faraday, have encapsulated the optimism that a Saturday brings combined with the knowledge that it’ll be over sooner than you’d like.

No Idea – Accountable

An explosion of energy! No idea incorporates the fun-filled riot that punk rock is known for into a nice neat package. Accountable gets what punk rock is all about having a song that tells the story of trading up from a nightmare relationship in humorous fashion with bombastic instrumentation to nail the point home.

Bonsai – Fruit Shoot

Local Stoke-on-Trent quintet, Bonsai are able to incorporate elements of shoegaze, indie and rock music to create a fantastic track in Fruit Shoot, a song that slowly builds with the only indicator of a rock breakdown happening is the piercing drumbeat that is a constant throughout. Fruit Shoot is a breath of fresh air in the sometimes-stagnant musical sphere.


The Front Bottoms – Tie Dye Dragon

After releasing an awesome album at the latter half of 2017 that easily would go down as one of their best in my book, indie rockers The Front Bottoms are back with a new single of their upcoming ep “Ann”. Tie Dye Dragon features all the trappings of a Front Bottom’s song; from the abstract narrative the lyrics tell, to the upbeat melancholic sound that they’re famous for creating. Awesome on arrival!

Pistol Pete Wearn – Running for the Hills

As a music fan who likes an eclectic range of genres. Stafford native Pistol Pete Wearn offers a fantastic alternative to the usual mainstream with an upbeat, energetic performance that is so infectious and sure to get foot stomping. Running for the Hills is an excellent example of with just a couple instruments he’s able to draw me and get lost in his music. Blues but with a fresh lick of paint!

Twin Shadow feat. Rainsford – Brace

Rounding off the list is Los Angeles based artist Twin Shadow. In anticipation for his latest album release “Caer” on the 27th April, his latest song Brace speaks to the idea that a set back can just be a setup needing to fail before you can truly succeed. Borrowing from genres like Synth Pop, chillwave and R&B to create a stellar sound that sure to haunt the listener long after hearing it!

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