Wax Colour / What on Earth Will The Papers Say

Essex outfit Wax Colour return with What on Earth Will The Papers Say.  The song touches on 21st Centuries most sensitive issues in a unique ‘Waxy’ way. The D.I.Y ethos the band have wreaks brilliantly throughout their tracks, a blatant statement of non-conformity and sheer desire to continue pursuing their dreams, no matter what gets in their way.


The song is a statement of intent from its infancy, with the band comfortably stating their strong-minded opinions on societies downfalls. It touches on major issues that face many, such as sexism, anxiety and mental health. The song is an anthem for the youth of our generation. Wax Colour have created a real, beautifully depicted, angsty piece of art.




It’s visible to see the band are maturing with a more polished sound that’s going to keep fans excited for what’s to come and inevitably going to widen their audience. The track is being officially released tonight at the band’s headline show at Bassment. It is currently available on all platforms and is also being released on cassette via the bands Bandcamp. Tickets are still on sale for tonight’s show on the door, don’t miss out on what’s going to be a great gig.


A solid return that touches on important issues, one for the tape deck collection – 8.5/10


Words by Joshua Roberts

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