Premiere: Dakota Avenue – ‘Dead Men Don’t Grin’

Soulful indie power-pop trio Dakota Avenue have recently been cutting their teeth across Manchester in recent months. From playing multiple shows across the rainy city from the likes of Sound Control and Night and Day Cafe to even taking a trip over the Peak District for a show in Sheffield. The trio blend tight grooves, atmospheric soundscapes and pop-hooks, as well as bringing in melodic drum and bass as well as U2’s Edge-glitter and Monkeys-inspired lyrics.

The trio met at University and are headed by frontman, Jacob Greenhalgh-Lee. Collectively, the band cite a passion for acts from Jamiroquai to The Beetles stimulating their muse, but at the heart lies an enormous love for Sticky Fingers, Feeder and Arctic Monkeys which are key in the ingredient list for their latest offering ‘Dead Men Don’t Grin’.

When describing their latest offerings lyrics, Jacob implied he was inspired by the darker side of love – but he insists, they aren’t just moody adolescents. “I love writing about stuff that makes people think, I’ve done that a million times, or I remember when…”. Jacob say’s he’d love to collaborate with Grant Nicholas from Feeder, but it says it wouldn’t be a good idea. “It would literally be a Feeder song, with creepy-me in the corner looking for samples of his hair to clone or something”.

‘Dead Men Don’t Grin’ is a powerful addition to their discography. Atmospheric and powerful vocals give the track vital, loud energy and the track paves the way for their blissful sounds to take centre stage within the Manchester music scene.

The band will perform at The Eagle Inn on April 24th as a launch party for their latest single. You can purchase tickets for their show here. 

You can listen to the single first, here.

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