DMAS are back and better than ever with their brand new second album ‘For Now’ which is out 27th April. After the major success of ‘Hills End’ the band had a lot to live up to and without a doubt, they have given the people what they want. ‘For Now’ is filled with full-on indie anthems, classic DMAS magic and some sexy new sounds.

The album kicks off with ‘For Now’, a song that makes you feel as though you’re right in the peak of Manchester’s indie scene in 1990. Huge John Squire-like guitar riffs accompanied by symbols and melodic singing, ‘For Now’ brings the 90’s indie scene to 2018. ‘Dawning’ then brings you right back to that beautifully recognisable DMAS sound that makes you want to sing along at the top of your lungs. It has a unique and lucid feel to it which is perfect for the summer playlist.

Further in the album, you come across ‘The End’, written by guitarist Johnny Took. This song is a fresher sound for the DMAS. It has an intriguing start and a good dance beat, DMAS fans will be two steps to this for days. It’s got engaging bass rumbles and a deeper sound compared to the airy melodies the DMAS are known for.

Talking about new sounds the other tracks on this album are Tape deck sick and Health. Even though it is prominent that these songs do belong to the DMAS they’re breaking the mould and making some really nice noise. Tape deck sick is a questionable name but it has a melody you can feel in your stomach, a moreish bridge and O’Dells voice compliments the music in indescribable ways, this track is almost psychedelic. On the other side of the spectrum, Health starts out very acoustic almost; when compared to some of the songs from ‘Hill’s End’, such as ‘Lay Down’ and ‘Melbourne’. They have lots going on in them, it’s a big mix of sounds and emotions but this track is very subtle yet it has a nice beat when it gets going. The vocals are angelic, soothing and filled with emotion as always.

Overall ‘For Now’ is impressive and each track offers something fresh in which they all sound sublime and are exceptionally written. This album has lots of surprising new melodies and the DMAS haven’t tried to be something they aren’t but instead they’ve adopted new groovier sounds that are working heavenly in their favour. Neither the vocals nor music supersede each other. They’re doing a full UK tour this year and they’re at many festivals including Leeds Festival and Neighbourhood Weekender. They’re also supporting the one and only Liam Gallagher at Finsbury Park in June.

Words by Jess Bell.


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